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Spiritual Divorce Ceremony

January 13, 2013

Julia scheduled a session to perform a spiritual divorce ceremony that would finalize on all levels the end of her marriage to Tony.  

The two of us sat together in silence, journeying deep within to prepare for this very special ceremony.  Julia and Tony had signed their legal divorce papers just two days ago.  Her soul contract with Tony was now completed and they were both ready to move forward, lovingly dissolving their marriage union on all dimensions of being.

Soon the spiritual light of our higher beings enveloped us and the ceremony began.

When beloveds are joined as one by a marriage ceremony their hearts are truly united. On an energy level I see the hearts of the two individuals literally form the shape of a “heart” made out of overlapping spheres light. It’s not a static heart like we might draw on a piece of paper; it’s very dynamic, and dimensional.  Each being flows into the other in a continuous infinite stream forming a powerful magnetic field that blesses all within its range. This is how truly profound a marriage vow is; it is an important element of the fabric of human community. True sacred marriage is one of the ways to share love and provide a portal for love to flow from the divine to the human and back again.

The spiritual divorce is a very precise ceremony and one that cannot be done in “personal consciousness”.  We call upon the greater beings, our higher beings and ascended masters to perform the dissolving of the union because we are dealing with the most sensitive and precious core of our being. From this center of love our existence arises and the soul of our being resides.  It is the womb of the soul. Like the complex physical womb with its lush blood supply, the subtle womb of the heart is made up of a geometric matrix of subtle energy channels that delicately interweave divine love into the earth plane to form a home for the soul. How delicate we must be when approaching this experience. ( It also raises the issue that in most cases divorce is not treated as respectfully as a marriage ceremony  and it can have a devastating impact on one’s heart when handled roughly.)

Julia sat before me in her sovereign majesty, prepared for what was about to happen.  We were drawn deeply into the light of our souls and we each offered our honor and gratitude to Mother Earth, Father Sky and the directions that hold all of existence in loving arms.  We opened to the deepest love beyond human love which was offered as a shower of light from above.

I asked Julia to silently request the dissolution of her marriage,  to express her gratitude and respect for Tony and for all that she had learned and experienced, the pleasant and the unpleasant, during their union. In this case Tony and Julia had fulfilled their earthly contract. Their eternal relationship was not impacted by the earthly divorce; they were still working together on the higher planes. With deep sincerity she expressed all of this from the depths of her being and this called forth a powerful force into our space.

We were transported into the Holy of Holies, where the ascended master’s priesthood resides.  A group of five master priests surrounded Julia forming a multi-faceted crystalline energy field around the entire group. The closest I can come to describing it from an earthly point of view might be to liken it to a multidimensional tuning fork. A ringing vibration emanated all around  impacting all dimensions throughout time and space.  The de-coupling was now in progress.

The two hearts immediately began to separate.  It was like separating two panes of overlapping glass. You didn’t know there were two until they started parting. I saw the one sphere of light that was their union start to separate into two. Like the shadow of an eclipse that moves sideways off of the full moon, Tony’s heart orb moved to the left and Julia’s to the right.  When they separated completely there was a huge POP!  Julia’s body almost lifted off of the chair.  Simultaneously my house made a huge creaking sound and my dog barked, one single bark. As if on cue the wind chimes outside of my office window went into a glorious symphony of exuberant melodies!  You would have thought someone just got married instead of divorced!  Julia smiled and opened her eyes.  With all of the external validation confirming our internal experience we knew that the ceremony had been gracefully completed.

Julia felt centered and whole. She was now ready to move forward in her life knowing she had walked through the divorce process in truth and integrity. There were no doubts or energetic cords to hold her back from pursuing her next steps in life. Julia and Tony were now free and ready to move on with their separate lives.

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