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Venus Transit

June 5, 2012

It’s been a wavy few days. Tonight is the Venus transit and I’m not sure if the ground is solid or not.  Leading up to the transit I kept looking around me to see if things were still solid or whether they had liquefied into waves of energy.  If I had to use one word to describe how I feel and have felt it would be “vaporized”. You could spray me out of a Windex bottle and use me to clean your windows, that’s how “vaporized” I feel.

Starting Sunday I felt very languid and sleepy.  When I get this way I know that other dimensions are calling.  So I relax and expand into the outer reaches of my aura and switch into intuitive knowing out of the analytical mind. Intuiting with my sensory feelers gets me tuned into the subtle planes and then I can follow through into deep immersion.

Once immersed in a deeper meditation I discovered I was in good company. Members of the white brotherhood, star beings from Pleiades, Sirius and numerous Star systems, enlightened beings who once lived on the earth plane seemed to fill all the sir space around me. It seems that this Venus transit is much greater than I realized. The lunar eclipse of Sunday compounded with the Venus transit is probably the greatest cosmic event I’ve experienced to date. My awareness focused more on the subtle planes than usual. And in fact even though I’m very grounded normally, I was really enjoying the expansiveness and the company I was keeping. The boundaries between earth reality and expanded planes seemed nonexistent almost.

The double awareness was interesting. On one level I lived my normal everyday life; dogs, clients, Ken, kids and friends, on another it was as if ancient dramas were playing out with gods and goddesses reminiscent of Greek plays.  Each being was an earth being as well as a god or goddess.  One drama played out on earth and another played out in heaven.  One drama was that of a gentleman who had just been committed to a facility to care for his dementia.  He was agitated and unhappy, creating disturbances for the staff and his family .  On the heavenly plane he was under the wing of arch-angel Michael.  He brandished a sword that cut the cords to all of his loved ones, setting them free as he himself was committed like a prisoner of his mind and the institution.

Another drama was that of a woman who had suffered with migraines since puberty.  Simultaneous to the onset of the migraines she had deep spiritual awakenings. For another 20 years she suffered, literally exhausting every allopathic and holistic approach to migraine relief.  Sitting in my office we witnessed the higher planes of her drama.  She had the energetic signature of a spiritual initiate of high ranking but had no earthly awareness of any such thing.  We became aware of a Buddhist monk in energetic form living in close proximity to her body.  He took her on a journey to reclaim her complete enlightened wisdom and explained that he had died and reincarnated purposely in her western body and had been waiting for this Venus transit to become fully aware in this lifetime.  He explained that her migraines were caused by kundalini blockages and now that she was fully aware and integrated the blocks would begin releasing.

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