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Sleep and Illness

June 7, 2012

Sleep and Illness

I was reminded today about one viewpoint for healing illness.  My guides have explained to me  in the past that sometimes illness serves purposes that seem at odds with rational thinking. I guess I needed another reminder of that teaching today.

Let’s think first about the purpose of sleep.  Conventional thinking says that sleep is meant to rest the body, which it does. The muscles relax, the mind quiets, emotions settle down most of the time and the body gets a break from the onslaught of the monkey mind and the soap opera dramas of our emotional life.  The subconscious is given space to surface, providing dreams and journeys that lead to further release, healing and expansion.  There are additional factors to consider as I was reminded of today.

When we sleep we also journey to dimensions beyond the earth plane.  We meet with our teachers and guides, we commune with beings from other realms, and basically have a whole other life.  We just haven’t been trained to be aware of this dimension of our consciousness. We are taught to go to sleep, rest, and start another day of earth life so that is what we do.

Tying this into the the topic of illness and healing…  Sometimes we are ill so that the grip we have on 3D reality can be loosened.  When are too ill to continue with our usual way of thinking and feeling, so ill that we basically drop out for a day, week or several months, then we have the opportunity for to journey to other realms like we do when we sleep but for longer periods of time. For myself I’ve had the flu, Lyme disease, broken bones, thyroid ills, and accidents that have “taken me out” in ways that allow for great expansion and learning.  The illness or issue will have a time line that’s usually out of my control and not usually to my liking either.  But when I pay attention, and I get better and better at this, I can experience the alternate dimensions that I am visiting.  Awareness and insight follow a deep relaxation and acceptance of the situation.  In fact, for the first several years of my spiritual journey this was the main way I was learning because my fear of the unknown was so great and provided such resistance to growth that the only way to get me out of the way was to get sick or have an accident.

I am not saying that this is the only way to expand, nor is it a pre-requisite, but illness and the subsequent healing can lead to profound spiritual awakening, as many have already discovered.  Now that the dimensions are thinning and our journeys are taking us further into “unknowns” I am seeing a resurgence of illness and issues that “take people out”.  We are being asked to grow so far beyond our known and safe realities that illness, accidents, and impulsive reactions are on the upswing.  The idea that there is a time line for our growth that is beyond our external control and that might not mesh with our “daily schedule” is throwing many of us into a state of permanent tantrums.  Yes “permanent tantrumming” is a state where our physical and emotional bodies are screaming out for control and permanence when there is no likelihood for either one appearing too soon!

As a result we might feel restless, extremely tired/fatigues, irritable or impulsive.  As we head into the solstice in a week or so all of these symptoms may increase as the energies refine and call forth our deeper wisdom and timing.  If you can allow some space and quiet time within during the next week it will help you to sort out what is truth from illusion and change from the changeless.  It’s time to grow into spiritual maturity and side with your intuitive knowing, break from the pact and stand on your own firm ground!

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