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Young Healers Among Us

June 11, 2012

The Young Healers Among Us

I am a guide to a wonderful 10 year old who has known he was healer since arriving on the planet.  He is bright, handsome, very energetic and quite a handful for his teachers and parents. The first time we met he demonstrated his healing for me. His hands turned bright white with light as his heart chakra connected to his guides and grew the size of the room and beyond.  It was awesome for him to be acknowledged and be seen for who he is.  I’m sure that is a desire we all have as well. One of his issues is his outbursts of anger.  Intuitively I knew that he felt anger when something was out of order, when someone or a situation needed “healing” or harmony restored.  I explained to him that when he felt anger the very first thing he should think is “Hmmmm who or what needs healing here?.  Is the person I’m feeling anger for feeling out of sorts, experiencing loss of power or love, ill or emotionally disturbed? If so then he or she needs healing energy from me and not anger.” I also explained to him that he was not to discount his anger, that it was his first defense to protect himself and his energy. That after assessing the situation to make sure he was safe and if need be, stand up for himself, then the next step was to take time to examine his anger, the situation and to go into a state of healing.  Intuitively he had picked up toxicity and he needed to clear this for his own health and well being. He is working this through in his young but very old being. It may take him a while but he realizes that his anger will get in the way of fulfilling his life as a healer. There is another interesting piece of the puzzle for this young boy.  The frequency on the planet currently is not supportive of his personal frequency.  This really hit home when his parents reported how wonderful and happy he was during the few days before, during and after the full moon eclipse and the Venus transit across the Sun. There were very high frequency light vibrations flooding the planet with wonderful higher consciousness during those days. The portals that opened during the Venus transit allowed ascended souls to join us here briefly on the planet. It was light the air was filled with teachers and guides who were able to get a close look at what is happening here and help us, inspire us, from a close up and personal perspective. My young friend felt more at home, more comfortable in his body at that time and more supported in his True self. Imagine the vibrations he encounters on any average day.  10 year olds at school, his friends, adults, the media…how many of the people he is around are paying attention to their own frequency?  So many of the young children today carry deep wounds of loneliness and alienation, if you were tuned into sensing what “needs healing”, how distracted would you be from your school work if you felt that your teacher was having a “bad day” or that a friend was hurting from a parent’s neglect?  When he sits in my healing room he is at peace. When we run energy and perform healing together he is finally being nourished rather than having to attend to the healing needs of others. Children like him need higher frequency environments and so do we. Our limited vision of the lives we lead just astounds me. Please know that I am not making excuses for his behavior when it is out of line, it’s just that we aren’t paying enough attention to the vibrational environment that we live in. We don’t even understand how high frequency environments can help us as adults.  How little attention is paid to clearing and balancing of the energetic fields where we live, work and entertain ourselves? This is a symptom that is perpetuated by darkness upon darkness. Remember how you feel in a pristine natural environment?  By a pure stream or high up in a remote mountainous range don’t you feel invigorated, spacious and empowered? My hope is that we will start practicing energetic cleansing and awareness as a society so that our health and well being will be supported by the very roots of our culture. With so many children being diagnosed on the autism spectrum they will be the ones leading us to look to the energetic domains, a multi-dimensional approach to supporting our evolving consciousness.

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