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High and Low Frequencies

December 26, 2012

High and Low Frequencies

How are you feeling this week? I am hearing about all sorts of reactions to the high frequency energies flooding the planet right now and the low frequency behaviors of certain humans. We are certainly being blessed by very refined ascension energies from the center of the galaxy right now as we head into the Solstice on Friday. The Solstice traditionally is a three day experience; the day before, during and after and there is the actual moment of the Solstice which is another experience unto itself. As for the 12/21/12 energies, I can’t comment upon them until I actually go through it as this really falls into a category of the unknown for me. If we project too much into the 12/21/12 experience we might miss it altogether so I am keeping myself open and free of expectation and projection. I have to admit I feel an excitement deep within as my soul incarnated to experience this particular time on the planet and intuitively it feels like a profound moment.

People have been reporting waking up a lot during the night, feeling elated, spacey, depressed, and/or anxious. Food cravings, loss of appetite, irritability and reactiveness are prevalent as are aches and pains, cold/flu/congestion symptoms, dizziness, ringing in the ears and a general fatigue/sleepiness. Multidimensional encounters with higher beings, guides, UFO’s, divine healing energies, dreams and visionary experiences are also occurring. When I woke up this morning I wasn’t sure I could get back into my body and function because during the night I was immersed in so many beautiful light energies. It took me about three hours to find my way back to my body, ground and orient to earth life again! As I think about it the energies from last night and continuing today they are some of the highest and brightest I’ve ever experienced. My father even made an appearance from beyond the veil to give me an encourageing message to relay to a dear cousin. So it appears that the veils are very thin and this could be causing stress, both positive and negative, in our lives.

How do we maintain normalcy during a time like this? The answer is: we don’t. Don’t even try or you’ll exhaust yourself going agains the grain. This is a time of change and a time TO CHANGE. Allow yourself to evaluate your life in light of the higher wisdom that is available right now. Be courageous and allow in new thoughts, perspectives and multi-dimensional experiences. Dare yourself to look at your life other than from a financial perspective. In our culture finances are most often the bottom line and we have been captive to this thought. What choices would you make if love and energy were the bottom line, if your self loathing did not rule all of your decisions?! Try it out. Spend some down time with yourself, relax and clear your mind of clutter. See what appears….be creative and let yourself think beyond wherever you have thought before!

Try out TRUTH, yes “truth”. What is your intuitive version of the truth versus the programmed version? See if you can experience your intuitive voice even if it’s telling you something totally different from your programmed mind…notice I didn’t say “logical” mind because the mind we consider logical just isn’t. We’ve come to believe we are logical and left brained when logical and left brain really are two different brain experiences. What we call logical is what we have been programmed to believe and believing isn’t logic!

These are just a few brief thoughts to share. So many people have been emailing me with their experiences and questions. I’m hoping to have an interactive blog up very soon so that we can chat about the spiritual journey and help each other keep abreast of the changes that are happening every day.

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