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We’ve Shifted

December 26, 2012

We’ve Shifted!

We’ve Shifted! At a very deep and profound level the earth along with the entire cosmos has entered a new space and consciousness. The depth of the shift makes it almost hidden from the everyday view of the mind. As the new frequencies begin to radiate out in waves from the heart of the universe we will begin to feel the effects of the waves. If you want to know and feel this from the source, you’ll have to enter the depths of your heart.

We are so used to thinking from a short sighted perspective, in terms of our daily moment to moment life. This shift is happening on a cosmic level and only the heart has the ability to embrace the enormity of this event. This experience will seat us… center us…in the brilliant wisdom and compassion of our hearts. As this happens we will also discover that a corresponding light body has been activated that was once only known by the great sages that kept alive the universal wisdom throughout the darkest ages.

The heart offers the broader perspective, the long term gain rather than the short term grab. If there is anything that will help us move in a healing direction for the planet it is a perspective that takes in the next seven, if not seventy, generations.

As a result of the cosmic alignments our planetary body is moving through, the Ascended Masters are able to activate the heart light subtle body that will guide us into a broader perspective. The way my teacher Sufi Amin used to define “enlightenment” was by using the example of ever broadening perspectives. Do you see life from your little spot on the planet or from the sun, moon and stars, looking down on the planet from the perspective of eternity and light? The more tapped into the eternal we are the more we engage and appreciate the mystery and magic of our life on earth!

During the healing ceremony we held yesterday we were able to experience the changes in our light body that have been set in motion. The chakra and meridian system will look as dense as our nervous and circulatory systems now that our heart light body is activated. We will discover an entirely new configuration of subtle energies that will support our new biology. The preview of our new biology is embodied in the super psychic and alternate brain children and adults that began with the Indigo children. Their sensitivities and needs will lead the way in showing us how to live in harmony with the planet. The field of medicine will have to open to the lead of these sensitivities or it will be faced with a failure to serve, a failure of its prime oath. As one beautiful young women said in our healing ceremony, “I want a hospital where I can go and say, ‘My Spirit is sick'” and they will understand what I mean.”

A wise teaching came through the group at our Attunement on Friday as attendees were trying to figure out how to live from the heart, in the new energies, while the rest of the world is still in the old energies. It was amazing to watch the light of perennial wisdom become synthesized in everyday language through group discussion.

Embrace life rather than get entangled in it.

If we can live just a little bit more each day, embracing life from the heart rather than getting entangled in the mind, we’ll be able to find our way.

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