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Centered In Higher Self

December 30, 2012

Centered in the Higher Self

We’ve got so much going on right now it’s hard to be anything other than in the moment. But “in the moment” can basically mean two things.  One “in the moment” is being carried along a wave of anxiety, irritation and disconnection. The other “in the moment” is about being centered.  Centered in the light of your own higher self.

We each know the subtle realms from a unique vantage point.  I’ve always seen the higher being radiating a beam of light from above that forms a spinning axis of light through and around my physical being.  For simplicity sake we’ll go with this vision. When we align, through a knowing with any of our subtle senses, with our central axis we are aligned with our higher being. The Moon, Sun, Central Sun and the Heart of the Universe fall into alignment with this central axis and we are in a deep state of harmony with all that exists.  We don’t have to wait another 25,000 plus years for this alignment to occur planetarily if we can learn to do this on a daily basis. This has been the mystic’s path for centuries!

What is different is just how activated our subtle senses are now. The subtle world is on the verge of becoming as real as the material world.  As we learn from our higher being it will be easier and easier to live in right relationship with our energy bodies that are not as material as the physical.

We exist multi-dimensionally and the only way to know this is through the golden jewel of our heart.  The mysteries of our nested realities are revealed through the inner sanctuary of our heart shrine.  Aligning with our higher being, the Moon, Sun, Central Sun and the Heart of the Universe opens the portal to the wondrous revelations hidden within each one of us.

Sages have always shown the way through the maze of our inner being.  The focus has been on the central channel that runs subtly in the vicinity of the spine. The chakras are centered along this central channel.  Now we are finding that the central channel reaches beyond the body deep into the earth and far into the cosmos.  You could say that our most ascended and expanded energy body encompasses the entire universe. Is this any different than the perennial wisdom teachings?

Standing in the spotlight of our higher being, aligning with the frequencies from the heart of the universe, perfectly centered in the beam, unlocks the golden jewel of the heart.

Whether aware of it or not the alignment we all experienced last week, 12/21/12, has unlocked this vast wisdom and we are all responding to it.  Our energy bodies have changed and new geometries are constructing our new reality.  I’m hearing all kinds of reactions to this experience. Wonderful insights and visions, awareness of new guides and exciting new energies, as well as a feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Fatigue is being reported frequently.  Wanting to sleep a lot, feeling heavy, disinterest in participating in holiday activities, and confusion are abundant. Relationships are going through adjustments and our bodies are going through huge adjustments as well.  I keep hearing of back issues and flues.  These are the body’s way of trying to adjust to the activation of the new energy geometries.

Our brains also have to adjust to the heart intelligence becoming more predominant, causing dissonance between what we have believed and what we now know to be true. Time shifting is happening where we feel gaps in time or can’t relate to the 24 hour clock model.  Sleep interruptions are occurring so that we can receive the teachings on cosmic time rather than in material time. This is the shift and it is very real

I’d like to close with a wonderful moment of enlightenment that occurred in a private session the other day.  After talking for a little while, catching up on how the client was experiencing the shift, we entered deep into our hearts.  All of a sudden this client had a huge revelation that came in very clear words.

“Leading people to enlightenment is not a contest.”

Important for all of us, this teaching reminds us that there is no competition on the spiritual path as the antics of the New Age Marketplace might lead us to believe. There is One Reality, One Heart and One Teaching. All of this resides in the golden jewel of the heart and it is not a contest of numbers, fame or riches.  We are on a path of “quality” not “quantity” and it is good to remember this every so often!

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