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The Time We Have Been Waiting For

January 6, 2013
Comments on the Energies #4
This is the time many of us have been waiting for. We are digging out of the dark ages moving towards the light.

For me, I’m finally feeling supported by more refined energies entering the planetary sphere. This makes me feel more at home here, on earth. It’s like yearning for sunlight all winter and then the sunlight of spring finally arrives.  My body can breathe the deep fresh air in spring and release the heavy coat of winter darkness. I’m experiencing a similar energetic release on all levels of my being now that we’ve passed the pivotal point of transformation on 12/21/12.  Drawing in the nourishment of the refined energies of the photon belt rejuvenates and enlivens!  It’s true that we’ve learned how to dig deep to tap into the refined energies that are essential to mind/body wellness but it’s really nice having them so readily available!

Unless you spend more down time in meditation and stillness, you might not experience this, but I hope you do.  I know many highly sensitive people are starting to feel the support they need to be comfortably in their earth bodies.

I had a private session recently that highlighted the changes in a heartening way.I’ve been witness to many young people who struggled with the densities of the old paradigm.  My hope was that we could help keep them alive until the new energies arrived. Now I’m hearing about openings and new beginnings. They are starting to find their way out of the confusion and suffering, little by little, but with hope.

A highly sensitive young eleven year old  and his mother came for a session last week.    The day before the son had become upset and went to his room to be alone. It’s not unusual that a highly sensitive person finds that being alone helps to quiet the nervous system from overwhelming circumstances and emotional upset.  His mother came in and laid her hand on his back to run some healing energies.   He pulled away quickly.  Her hand was hurting him.   She was dismayed at his sudden and unexpected response. The son was surprised too and also felt confused. Why would he experience pain from his mother’s touch, that didn’t make emotional sense at all?

I asked his mother what she was feeling at the time she laid her hand on his back.  After pausing to reflect she expressed her feelings honestly.  She was feeling deep sadness for her son at the time.  While it was obvious to me it took a few minutes for this information to make sense to both mother and son!  Instead of “healing” energy flowing through her hands there was “painful sadness”.  The emotional pain in her heart was flowing directly into his sensitive body and it physically “hurt”.

We paused for a moment to take this in.  Mother and son smiled simultaneously.  She realized that she had to be clear and deeply aligned with very refined healing energies or her son would experience pain rather than healing when she wanted to console him. He realized that his mother really meant no harm and felt he now had words to express his experience.   They had found a common language to express the subtle and unseen.  A truth was shared between the mother and son at a very deep level and that is a form of healing that is immeasurable.  How exciting that they can bring their subtle sensitivities to the foreground rather than stuff them in a dark corner as is often the case.

I am seeing more and more of this type of shared experience.  The subtle world is becoming the common reality rather than remaining in shadow.  Our brains are rewired with a new consciousness.  We now have words for the intuitive experiences we previously struggled to express along with the courage and clarity to use them.

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