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January 31, 2013

Everyday now is an unknown.  We don’t know what miracles will happen nor can we anticipate what will come up from behind and give us a little whack!  It’s really useless to defend against the unknown but we can do something about the “whacks”.

For me “whacks” are very literal.  When I think or feel something that is negative towards myself or others a flare of energy rises from the back of my second chakra. It spins around and gives me a “whack”. It feels like a jolt or hitting a wall. My head turns as if I’ve been hit or my body recoils in some way.  It’s really not very subtle.  I used to think these whacks were some form of psychic attack and they are, but they originate within me, not from an apparition or someone who is angry at me.  Of course there is such a thing as psychic attack but this is a little different and much easier to read once I figured out what was happening.

As I observed this phenomena over a long period of time, it was amazing to me that my own thoughts and feelings were coming around to “whack me” so immediately.  There is no lag time between the thought/feeling and the “whacking”.  Talk about karma, who needs to wait for another life time when I “whack” myself right on the spot!  

Sometimes these whacks come as scary thoughts instead of a physical sensation. I may be driving and a frightful feeling comes over me and my thoughts go towards very dramatic tragic outcomes.  I don’t want to mention them here but just think about how many ways we scare ourselves with our own inner drama queen or king.  

The “whacks” hit whenever I’m not in clear flowing space.  If I’m angry, self critical or judgmental of myself or others it becomes very clear that I am being  “whacky”! 

It took a leap of faith to claim my “whackiness”.  Now I know most of my psychic attacks are coming from me not from some unknowable source.  Now I know to step out of  “whack” mode and move into a warm loving space.   Who knew I had such a clear feedback system with such great wisdom within my own being? Our physiology is highly responsive to our thoughts and feelings, why not our energy field?

The whacks are decreasing now that I’m aware of my own inner wisdom. It’s really not a matter of processing; the “whack” is the process.  Using that signal to shift into clear light space is all that is required. Once I am in the clear space I can move on with the flow of life. 

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