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Working Too Hard

February 12, 2013

If You Find Yourself Working Too Hard…

Life in 2013 is starting out on an interesting note! New perspectives and creative solutions are emerging, almost erupting, everywhere we look. At the same time we are bored to tears with repeating the same old patterns that have chronically plagued us forever. Welcome to the “transition times”!  We know something is very different, we feel it in the air but it’s a little ephemeral and  at times barely discernible.  Or it’s staring us right in the face; breaking through in dream time or being surprised by the words that come out of our mouths!  Community is important now. Our newly emerging beings need to be reflected back to us in the clear hearts of others. We naturally want to feel the support on a group level because we know we are of “one heart and mind”. 

I’ve noticed that people are reporting pretty bumpy rides right now.  Lots of turmoil in relationships and questioning of their life path and purpose.  This is as it should be, there is so much reconciling and re-balancing that is happening to clear the path forward.  One helpful hint to remember is this….

If anything takes too much work pause for a moment or even longer!  If you are working too hard to make a relationship or a job work, or working too hard to find your inner peace pause and allow your heart wisdom to work silently behind the scenes. Invite your heart wisdom to engage in your life and then stop long enough to notice it working!

We are so used to extremes; pushing and forcing or inaction.  It’s nice to learn how to pause, become present and listen.  No one knows what the next day will bring but our intuitive wisdom knows how to work things out if we let it.  Patience is of the utmost importance right now. Step back and let time and the wave of life create magic for you! 

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