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The Wisdom of Meteors and Asteroids

February 18, 2013

We had impressive cosmic visitors this past week.  The asteroid came so close that it grazed our atmosphere and the meteor actually passed through the portal and landed on earth.  These visitors are a pure form of cosmic consciousness.  They have not been imprinted with our physical, mental and emotional history.  So much of what we come in contact with on earth is overlaid with human history that we generally don’t have a reference point for pure cosmic consciousness. 

Cosmic consciousness is the living frequency of the stars, planets and space.  It is very expansive and vital pure consciousness.  Astronomers tell us that life originated in the twinkling particles of star dust.  It is the consciousness of star dust that also becomes our consciousness. That is why the mystics have always described our beings in terms of “light”.   So imagine that when a cosmic body such as an asteroid comes close to earth or when a meteor lands with a big plop in a lake, it is the material emanation of unlimited consciousness.

When we come in contact with these emanations we have a reaction.  It’s like being in the presence of perfection.  Sometimes this is a good thing, it makes us swoon in ecstasy and leave our own limitations behind or it can remind us of just how imperfect we are.

I heard a variety of reactions this past weekend.  Some people were “taken down”.  They experienced an energy drain that resulted in depression, fear, anxiety and illness. Others experienced exaltation that bordered on a new level of enlightenment. For sure these cosmic bodies reminded us that we are not alone on earth and that we are inextricably connected to a much grander matrix.  The galaxy and its inhabitants affect what happens to us very directly. This is where astronomy and astrology become married to the mystical. The vastness of space has a direct and specific impact on how we think, feel and live.

With the specific visitation of the meteor and asteroid the possibility of a new awareness was seeded in our hearts.  Our rigid belief that we are only a physical body was dislodged by these visitors and a new awareness of the magnificence of our being was allowed to dawn.  We are now free to realize that our physical body is just the smallest body we inhabit.  We can now begin to understand ourselves as having multiple bodies, the largest of which is as vast as the known universe.  It’s like the beautiful nested Russian dolls. We believed that we were the smallest doll and didn’t even know that we were contained within dolls of larger size and scope.  Now the consciousness of the “larger doll” is more apt to be known by more and more of earth’s inhabitants. We will start to remember our greater being through dreams, visions, intuitions and synchronicities.  

The message will be coming from all directions because it permeates our atmosphere, it’s what we are breathing now!  As an aside, when I try to write anything about hardship and lessons learned, the ascended masters won’t let me go there.  I end up backspacing over anything that has the old paradigm frequency of punishment, hardship and karma. I end up deleting anything about the near disaster that occurred, it didn’t happen and that’s the point.  Thanks to these cosmic visitors earth’s consciousness is taking a big leap.


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  1. atolllsog

    In this report I present a numerical integration which demonstrates that at least some of these chaotic trajectories do have the properties required to transport meteoritic material from the asteroid belt to Earth.

  2. Liza

    I reasonate strongly with this and the way you feel! I witnessed a bolide a few weeks back in New Zealand and the messages have become clearer each night fall. Grateful for your words and for finding your website ✨


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