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Say “YES” to Mercury Retrograde

March 4, 2013

We can be truly grateful for Mercury Retrograde (February 23 – March 17)  as we move along through 2013. At a time when “transparency”  and “release” are themes, Mercury Retrograde is our supportive friend.

Most people associate Mercury Retrograde with breakdowns in communications and electronics. On a deeper level it is an opportunity to clear and release by revealing what was incomplete, confusing or out of soul alignment. During this time we can have a “do over”, set things right and move on.  We usually have three Mercury retrograde cycles a year, how intelligent of the universe to set up a “review” time every few months so we can slow down and contemplate the past few months of activity in all areas of our lives.

If we take the time we may have some startling and enlightening revelations. Our dreams, intuitions, and meditations can guide us to grow in areas that prior to this time were veiled and inaccessible.  We may lose an important document and in trying to find it we find all those other missing items too.  Or if you were struggling with an issue for the past few months the solution may appear now.

It seems perfect that a Mercury Retrograde cycle would precede the Spring Equinox. It’s almost a built in “spring cleaning” to align us with the burst of equinox energy that carries our plans and aspirations into manifestation.

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