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Unusual Energies

March 7, 2013

Unusual Energies Lately…to Say the Least!

Sometimes I get a grouping of emails from clients and friends that fall into a theme. Lately there have been two themes:  very heavy dark energies and relationship issues.

Those who are experiencing heavy dark energies seem to feel under attack and fearing for their lives.  As I go into this topic I have disclaimer.  You will not come under attack by reading this article. Now you can proceed.  There is a cone of light from the Ascended Masters surrounding and aligning the frequencies of these writings so that they support the predominance of light on the planet.

I’ve been focusing on the need for firmly establishing our identity, our energy and the roots of our being with Mother Earth, Gaia, the living being of our planet and Father Sky, the living light, eternal wisdom and universal oneness for over 20 years now.  This was in preparation for the times we are experiencing right now. Everything we have known or identified as “self” is turned upside down (almost a metaphorical pole shift). With our central light axis firmly connected to the lovely unity of being we have a guiding compass back to sanity and calm.  Each one of us, hopefully with a small community of support, has the strength to recenter our world by turning within and reconnecting with Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Imagine the pole of light swirling up and down your axis, forming a center of peace and clarity that radiates and centers all in it’s influence. This is our purpose now and one of the reasons we incarnated at this time.  For those of you who accept that this is your purpose time needs to be set aside to tend to your ceremonial duties, also known as grounding with Mother Earth and Father Sky.  

It’s time to walk with soft soles and tender hearts on our planet. When the energies get heavy we need to take the time to purify our surroundings, allow our heart to engage it’s self cleansing mode and dig deep to resource our being once again.  There are many energetic devices, herbal and salt remedies, smudges, and meditations for cleansing. These will work when you learn to use them as true gifts from spirit. Sometimes we approach these protection remedies as if they were magic pills that don’t require an investment of reciprocal energy exchange.  We “use” the remedy and then go on as we were before.  

We are being invited to stand in the heart of truth right now, just as the hint of spring and the approaching vernal equinox sings new life into the planet. 

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