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Equinox Energies

June 1, 2013

Today is the celebration of the Equinox, our spring awakening! The power that surges through the cosmic portals supports the Northern Hemisphere with a wave of rebirth and renewal. As I meditated this morning I was reminded of an experience I had in Bolivia in 2005.

We were in a beautiful grand medieval church in the tiny town of Copa Cabana, on the shores of Lake Titicaca. We were to visit the Island of the Sun and Island of the Moon the next day but we landed right in the middle of the celebration of the Virgin of Copa Cabana when we arrived. The sleepy town swelled to thousands during the honoring of their glorious Goddess and we were squeezed shoulder to shoulder into the cathedral for a standing room only mass. Villagers with their children and grandchildren filled the cathedral. The long black and gray braids of the women flowed over their shawls, babies slept in their arms as they stood along side men humbly waiting, with expectant hearts for the gift of divine grace.

I was first overwhelmed with a sublime awe, the divinity was palpable. Then suddenly I was totally overcome to the point of almost fainting by a wave of suffering that was long standing and weighted with a heaviness I had never experienced. When the mass was over I was whooshed through the line for the priest to bless each parishioner and then out into the plaza where families gathered to feast. It was right there that the Virgin appeared in full majestic flowing robes to bestow grace on the planet. She began pulling a dark thick twisted glutinous rope of suffering that rooted in the planet, moved through my body, and exited through my heart into her heart. This went on for over an hour. My friends saw that I was overcome and couldn’t even walk. They eventually guided me, holding my elbows so gently and lovingly, through the winding cobblestone streets back to our hotel. I had no awareness of being in a body, I was immersed in the heart of the Goddess. With sacred hearts we continued clearing planetary suffering for a while longer. Then she kissed me and left with a promise that we would continue this work together.

Since then she has continued to fulfill her promise to help relieve the suffering of the planet. And when I awoke this morning she was there once again, drawing out the suffering from the earth, through my heart, into hers.

As we celebrate the Equinox, Passover, Easter and the other numerous spring holidays I hope we can remember to ask for help, particularly from the Goddess. She has so many names and appears to each of us, not to just one or two. The human heart is the sacred heart, the inner sanctum where heaven and earth meet….where the secrets to eliminate suffering are held in a treasure chest within. The beautiful light filled Goddess reminded me to open my heart and join my passion with hers so that together we can continue to heal the world.

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