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Your Community is Gathering

August 23, 2013

We are gathering. Light beings, physical beings, star beings and ascended masters are gathering on the inner planes to concentrate our energies. We are ushering in higher frequencies daily now and as light beings in human bodies our purpose is to focus these energies by channeling as purely as possible. The goal is to bring together cosmic energies with earth energies to birth a new consciousness on the planet. Participating in this is Gaia’s consciousness, the ascended masters, and energies in the vast cosmos that are being directed towards the planet in support of an enlightened expansion. This includes both the energies that exist beyond the veils of our awareness, and all that exists within the physical sphere.

Our higher beings have prepared us for this time and we, our higher beings, are ready to be known. It’s as if we’ve been living behind a mask and our true self is now ready to become visible. We will be the first to witness or experience the true self and then we can recognize the true self in another and them in us.

So many additional spheres of being will become visible in the coming years. We’ve been aware of the densest sphere but there are so many other spheres we are already experiencing that we’re not aware of. Imagine these spheres like bubbles within bubbles. If we exist in an inner bubble we may not know that there is another bubble surrounding us because we don’t have the expansiveness to encompass it. Our higher being has been preparing the way. During our dreams, meditations, and illnesses the channels that carry the frequencies of the higher being have been opened and cleared so that we can begin to commune and embody higher consciousness. Just as a mother has the proper channels to usher a new physical being onto the planet we all have the proper energetic channels to birth higher consciousness. The focusing of the energies is happening now and we are all a part of it. The chaos that is prevalent now is part of the change. As our energies no longer support outdated modes of being, the structures they previously supported are collapsing. All physical experience is supported by consciousness and when consciousness is focused in another direction the physical experience will change.

The fluctuations in the magnetism of the planet are a reflection of the change in focus. When the magnetic force is weakened we can be aware of greater spheres of consciousness, when it is stronger our attention is focused on the more dense spheres. We are now experiencing a lot of “spaciness” which could be looked at as “spaciousness” if we knew how to navigate it with better skill. When you feel spacey pause a moment and notice what is going on within you and around you. Could you be experiencing higher consciousness and not know it?!

The next time you sit quietly, ask your higher being to show you where your consciousness is truly focused and then invite it to align you with your true being. Allow this to happen without expectation or control and see what happens. It’s possible you are gathering with your family of light beings in more expansive spheres and would feel so much more at home if you could be aware of this. Our subtle nature is very real and our lives are so profoundly enhanced with meaning, understanding and wisdom when we give validity to all that exists in these subtle realms.

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