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Equinox Attunement

September 16, 2013

During the September 2013 Equinox Attunement we will continue our theme of integrating higher consciousness into our daily lives. Our higher being is communicating continuously. Just as the internet makes tons of information available to us when we connect to it, we have to connect to our higher being to receive the beautiful golden stream of intelligent wisdom and compassion flowing into us. The spiritual path is the process of clearing the clouds that block and distort this abundant nectar. That’s really what the practices are for; they are not an end in themselves.

It’s pretty scary opening up to this wisdom if we still have attachments…and we all do. It takes a coordinated effort of ascended beings, our higher self, the consciousness of the planet and cosmos, and our personality to bring about the transformation that we came to earth to experience. Please don’t think this is just up to you, alone. More and more we will realize we are all in this together. Just as the Bodhisattva take vows to to reincarnate over and over until the last person is enlightened, we aren’t going anywhere until the entire planet and all beings on it ascend too.

One of the illusions of modern individualism is that we each need to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”. This concept is actually a distorted notion. It arises out of the impulse to know our distinct individuality within the context of wholeness. This is the message of the integration of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions; to know and integrate both our invidual and our unity nature. Somehow the part about the “unity” nature was dropped and we were left in a void of immense challenge and hardship. Believing we alone are responsible for transforming our consciousness using only our personal will is an absurdity. This is actually an impossible feat. We can’t ascend without our connection to our higher being which exists in unity consciousness. While we are working diligently on earth to ascend we are being met from the heavenly domains, being enveloped in light so that we access wisdom and inspiration. We are definitely not alone.

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