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Relationship Ecology: Heart of Divorce

October 27, 2013

Grief is not our duty. Sadness is not our penance. Loneliness is not a soul choice. The human heart thrives on love, joy and connection. Where are the lovers united in love and spirit? Why are there so many divorces and incomplete relationships? Where is the transparency and trust to work through the challenges that will help us deepen our compassion, patience, and love? Why is it so hard to find your beloved; the one you came here to meet; to fulfill your destined unity of heart and soul?

We have come to believe that living without love is some kind of punishment that we deserve. This is not true nor is it what our soul has intended for us. Love is the only purpose and fulfillment of our life and it is to love that we turn to guide us on our journey.

I look around and my heart breaks for those who are looking for their beloved and see no one nearby or even on the horizon. It’s as if something is in the air that interferes with this meeting, so we can’t even see our beloved if he or she is standing right in front of us.

This is why I created the Heart of Divorce workshop and the Spiritual Divorce Ceremony. It is not to trigger past judgment of your relationships nor about religious sanctioned divorces. It’s about aligning with your higher being and the guidance of the ascended masters. Can you trust your higher being and those who are the beings of light to guide you towards your true love? Heavy energies have drained the living energies from our hearts. The life force, the surging thrust to become the radiant lover of life, the power that draws two hearts together as One has been diminished and is calling for revival. Step into the light of higher guidance to energize your relationships!

The heavy energies need cleaning and clearing. The power of love that lives within our hearts can break the hypnotic spell that believes pain and suffering is our birthright and is inevitable.

One huge step we can take in this direction is to clean up our own heavy energies that contribute to the cloudiness and confusion that surrounds “relationships”. Past relationships that ended abruptly, without respect for the process of two hearts separating, leave a dark cloud over all relationships in our culture. Soul loss, fragments of “self” are still embedded in past relationships. Energetic wounds, trails of severed cords flail in the wind, creating turbulence all around. Through lack of enlightened teaching on relationships we have inadvertently created not only personal, but overarching cultural heavy energies that make finding and maintaining loving relationships challenging. Our environment is not a healthy one for relationships.

Just as we are more aware of the ecological crisis and the need to clean up our environmental act, we are being called to awareness of the “lover’s crisis”. Our hearts are crying out for love, in all of its glorious expressions. It’s time to turn our attention to tending the heart of the lover. This begins with establishing our deeper connection to heaven and earth. We become the child of love as the two great lovers, Mother Earth and Father Sky, meet in their great dance of love in our hearts. Once we are initiated as the Children of Love we cast a radiance that clears the loneliness and grief. Once connected we can retrieve our fragments, reclaim our power and reignite the flame of love to dispel the darkness. This prepares the ground for true love to come into our lives. It allows us to move forward in relationships without casting the projections of past relationships onto the present.

The focus of the Spiritual Divorce practice is to clean up the mess we’ve left behind in all of our broken relationships–to pick up the pieces of broken heart trashing the lover’s environment and to claim the dignity that comes from knowing that true love has been tended to with care and respect. It is not just for those who have been officially divorced; it is for all who have left a trail of unfinished relationship energies in their wake. Engaging in the Spiritual Divorce process raises the relationship frequency for all relationships, not just our own.

Knowing how to participate in higher frequency relationships creates the possibility for conscious community. But this takes us beyond the scope of this workshop and into the next stage of our evolution. If you have a yearning to have love in your future, then take the time to clear the webs that bind you to the past. Help raise the frequency of relationships to a thriving, radiant state by participating in purification rituals that reclaim your ability to be in right loving relationship.



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