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Loving Mother Earth

October 30, 2013
I’ve known Daniel Erbach for several years and for the past year he has been taking his spiritual studies very seriously.  Each time we get together he relates an insight or a teaching that he received during his meditations or his experience in life.  This one was so profound that I had him write it up to share.  I wish we would all remember Mother Earth with the same love and respect he discovered within his heart.  Daniel is committed to planetary healing.  At 20 years old he is an example of the many Indigo/Rainbow/Crystal kids that are coming of age and who will soon be taking on the care of our planet.  It is important to support these young men and woman who live with a sensitive energetic awareness of the multi-dimensional reality that is the truth of our being.  They are a barometer of planetary consciousness and feel the heavy energies of the world.  I hope that when you read this you are inspired as I was when he related it to me.

             Lying on my bed yesterday evening, reading a digital copy of Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” on my iPhone, I had one of the most important realizations of my entire life. Reading the book, I kept noticing a theme that felt foreign to me… it was the profound gratitude, respect, humility and devotion that Paramahansa, among many others in the book, had for Divine Mother Earth, as well as Heavenly Father Sun.  All of a sudden I became aware that, although my ego would like to say otherwise, these characteristics were indeed missing from my spiritual practice. I realized that instead of acknowledging Divine Mother Earth for how beautiful, and merciful, and generous she really is, I’ve been treating her like some tool I can use to get “high” whenever I want. Instead of being in a reciprocal, respectful relationship with her, I’ve been coldly treating her like just some “thing”, just some “good feeling”, that I’m entitled to. And as soon as I realized this, her love came pounding into my being, like the waves of the ocean pounding the beach, with a depth and an intensity I have rarely felt before. She was intelligently, consciously confirming, “Yes Daniel”.

            Shortly afterwards, my family & I decided to have a little fire and roast some marshmallows. As I was gathering the wood, I was having difficulty staying grounded. So I stopped what I was doing, with my hand on a piece of wood, and I asked. I asked, “Mother Earth, may I burn this wood?”, & I felt a very small response. Upon receiving confirmation, I started to pick up the wood, but then I stopped myself again. And then I thanked her, with all of the gratitude I could muster. And once again, she came joyfully flooding into my being.

             I think it’s high time that we as human beings break this spell of ungratefulness; this tendency to “use” everything without giving anything in return. The truth is, we are not entitled to anything. Divine Mother Earth loves us more deeply than we can possibly imagine, but we must be careful not to take advantage of that love. We must keep in mind that this is a living, conscious being that we are interacting with; one who hears every thought and sees every action; and not just some energy that we can use to feel good. Respect, gratitude, humility, and devotion. This is all she asks. And in my personal opinion, that’s not very much to ask for infinite bliss.

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