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Freedom to be Your True Self

December 15, 2013

Are you afraid to discuss your intuitive hits, dreams and spiritual experiences for fear of being mocked, excluded or verbally attacked? You may be in so much fear that you don’t even expect respect for your own unique intuitive sensitivities.
I spent most of my life trying to look “normal” while I was having incredible intuitive and transcendent experiences. I self-isolated and drew within trying to straddle two worlds. I even dismissed my own inner guidance because I had internalized the cultural norms. I was embedded in self-betrayal until I boldly claimed and valued my multi-dimensional intuitive nature.

Our psyches have adjusted to this fear by actually hiding our multi-dimensional experiences from ourselves. If we don’t experience it then we don’t have to hide it. And furthermore, we can project our fear outward and bully not only our own self, but others for being “crazy”. In this post I’m more concerned with how we’ve internalized this bullying and how it prevents us from realizing our true being. It also prevents us from fulfilling the yearning in our hearts for self-healing, co-creative community and unity consciousness.

Now that planetary consciousness is moving towards more illumination we can begin to recognize and address how we’ve hidden our greatest treasure from our own self. We spend a lot of energy trying to keep our multi-dimensional experiences from seeing the light of day while at the same time taking classes to increase our intuitive abilities and calm our minds. And we don’t even recognize that while one part of us is trying to expand our consciousness another part is too scared to do it. This is a bind I see in students all of the time. We have been so bamboozled, (hypnotized) to believe we won’t be accepted as “normal” that our unconscious need for safety and security buries our multi-dimensional experiences deep in our subconscious so that we don’t have to be in obvious conflict with our culture. It takes an act of courage and faith to claim our colorful, fascinating, multidimensional inner world as part of our current reality. Little by little we can test the waters but eventually we have to stake our claim to be who we truly are. Just as anyone who has been bullied has to stand up to the bully to reclaim his/her self-respect, we each need to stand up to our internalized bully!

As the solstice nears, the cosmic forces draw us closer to the inner, more transcendent dimensions. If we can’t acknowledge the wisdom of nature that calls us into a contemplative time so that we can harmonize our active and receptive energies, we run the risk of being out of harmony with our self and the cosmos. Equinoxes and Solstices are naturally powerful and pivotal portals to the true being. They are built-in opportunities to pause and realign, to regain poise and dignity which translates to health and well-being. The power of alignment with the finer cosmic forces sources us from deep within and brings our Higher Being and Human Being in alignment. When our Higher Being and our Human Being are in harmony they generate and reveal our True Being. Once this union is experienced we will protect it fiercely, protecting the precious jewel that it is. You have no choice but to defend its right to exist and be exalted. The opinion of others falls to the wayside as we fall to our knees in awe. The bully within is felled by the light of Truth. Ultimately the bully transforms into the protector; the Knight who shrinks before no one.

The theme of the upcoming solstice is FREEDOM. Freeing our self from the inner bully encourages us to show up and speak up in surprisingly brave and powerful ways. We become the living breathing savior that we’ve been waiting and hoping for. We become the light of the world.

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