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Solar Pole Shift…..As the Sun Turns, So Do We!

January 7, 2014

All that happens in the heavens is reflected on the earth and the recent solar pole shift has impacted us dramatically. It activated the planetary shift into heart centered living. Yes, it is a reality that has the full go-ahead from the cosmos!

The subtle and not so subtle emanations from the sun are intimately linked to our health and what we are able to think and feel. For example, from mid-December through New Years I was getting numerous calls and emails from people who were in emotional and physical crisis. Reports of heart attacks, deaths, feeling that there was no reason to live, depression, wanting to sleep forever, turned upside down, swirling brain syndrome, vertigo, confusion and lack of holiday spirit were arriving daily. People were saying their holiday was “flat”, that it didn’t seem like the usual holiday excitement. This is the time that the sun was approaching it’s final pole shift and actually experienced a zero magnetism point. The suns’ magnetic field spans the entire solar system. We exist within this field and can’t exist without it. Link to information on the Solar Pole Shift

Scientists have measured the effects of magnetism on our health and mental activity. It is possible that we can lose our entire memory and not think like we are used to thinking when we are surrounded by a magnetic field other than the one we are used to. As we know from the astronauts, their bodies and minds are dramatically affected by zero gravity. The magnetics of the earth, moon and sun actually determine who we are, what we think and the formation of our bodies. We are intricately linked with these cosmic forces more than we ever realized. The solar pole shift gave us a taste of what this might be like. It also let us know without doubt that we are members of a conscious cosmic community that is interwoven and interdependent.

When the poles changed polarity it made it possible for more expanded and heart centered consciousness to enter the human heart and brain. This means the force is with us to free up more of the invisible programming that limits and binds our thoughts and emotions. It is now possible for planetary consciousness to support thoughts that are more loving and more conscious than before. I know it seems hard to believe that such grand vibrational factors determine our possible thoughts and feelings but unless you are a yogi or adept who can rise above the planetary programming you, we, are all subject to it’s influence.

Most importantly, the feminine consciousness that is so needed to balance the masculine that has predominated for thousands of years will now be seen and recognized. We need to assume at this point that we don’t even know what feminine consciousness is because it’s only been known through the lens of the masculine. The surprise will be the new openings in thought and feeling that we can’t even imagine until they happen!

This means we will have to make major adjustments in all aspects of our being. We’ve been waiting for this opening and our hearts are ready but our bodies and minds may not be. We’ve been in a defensive mode for so long that we’ll need to consciously release the defensive posture we’ve unconsciously assumed. Pay close attention and give good care to yourself over the next year. Much of what you experience will be a personal response to planetary changes in consciousness. It will take more of your time and attention to adjust to these changes. Learning to relax more efficiently, seeing the uselessness in anxiety and discover the silent center within, live from the heart for your own benefit and others will benefit as well!

The Seasons of Love Attunements, Heart Centered Living Classes, The Ultimate Grounding Class and the retreats offered by The SpiritHeal Institute are to support us all in the active consciousness shift that we are experiencing. It’s so much nicer to be supported by a community than to do it alone. Check our the calendar or read below for more information!.



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