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Saying “Yes” to the Sacred

January 19, 2014

2014 promises more exciting transformation….more than we can even imagine! Straining to see what is coming up is a futile effort at this point because the changes are so swift and deep. Managing to stay present to each day seems to be the challenge. The unseen sphere of consciousness that we live, move and exist within has dramatically expanded. The capacity to know yourself and others in much deeper and intimate ways swells up from within and take by surprise at times. As we take a deep breath and retreat into our silent center we may allow a wisdom to arise that illuminates the unseen world. And if we are centered enough, and willing to look, our subtle senses will awaken us to a fantastic playground of happiness and love. The Perennial Wisdom that has been kept alive by the masters, saints and prophets for thousands of years is being offered to all who will participate in it’s unfolding To those who will nurture it in their heart or hearts, and tend it as a precious seedling it is entrusted into your care. If you feel the call to participate, find that voice within your heart that says “YES”, and “I ACCEPT” to being a caretaker of of the sacred.

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