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When is it Time to Heal? Part Two

February 4, 2014

Spirit School Calling

A session with a client this afternoon reminded me of another mysterious factor that we often forget on the journey to healing. In my lifetime I’ve noticed that when I experience illness or weakness in my body, I can more readily listen to spirit and the guidance offered.

Since childhood I’ve noticed that when I’m ill I get to fly off into dimensions that I wouldn’t be aware of when I’m strong and healthy. When my body is weakened with illness my channels to spirit seem more clear and open. When I was younger I would almost welcome illness knowing that I would enjoy being in deeper communion with spirit. In high school I had a serious case of mono that totally transformed me and initiated the spiritual path I’ve been on ever since. At one point on my path I equated spiritual transformation with illness; it seemed to be part of my path.

Often when people undergo extreme traumas or surgeries it is another opportunity for spirit to get in touch. How many books are available that describe extreme cases of illness, near death experiences, and traumas and the spiritual awakenings that accompany them?

One client had lifesaving surgery thirty years ago. She spent 3 months in bed recovering and each evening her spiritual teacher arrived on schedule to take her to “spirit school”. When her teachings were completed she recovered. Fast forward another twenty years and this same client had another serious surgery. This time her teacher visited every evening for three weeks and when spirit school was over she recovered.

Please don’t misunderstand; it is not our spirit or our teacher’s wish that we become ill or suffer, that is not their intention. Combinations of mysterious factors conspire to awaken us in life and we often have little control when this happens. The spiritual voice within often requires a spacious attentiveness and deep silence to be heard. Perhaps our current culture doesn’t afford enough time and space to nurture spiritual awakening?

We are not to blame for our illnesses and traumatic events. One way or another we were scheduled for the “wake up” call. We can’t spend our energies avoiding the difficult challenges in life, but we can open to the deeper meaning of the situations we find ourselves in. Our lives have so many “unknowns”, more than we care to admit. Hopefully we can remember to tune into spirit and find the light in the darkness more often than not. And most of all remember that we live in an all-pervading spiritual heart that guides us with love at all times.

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