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When is it Time to Heal? Part Three

February 10, 2014

Dreaming Your Healing

Dreams have a lot to tell us about healing.  In ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome, dreams were a primary source for intuitive information. In the sleep state we have less resistance to receiving information from the deeper recesses of the soul.

The interpretation of dreams is a spiritual art with a specific skill set.  Everyone can learn to dream purposefully and interpret them as long as they are patient and open to receiving information that may not match expectations and attachments.  Learning to dream is much like learning the SpiritHeal Light Journey energetic healing modality.   It includes steps that help you define the question, open to the unknown, tune into the silence beyond the chatter of the mind, and pay attention to the all-pervading heart centered guidance that is always present

More often than we realize we dream of our steps to health. Many people dream but may not understand the symbolic dream language and therefore miss the message. The healing information comes in symbols and metaphors which might not seem obvious. Unless we’ve studied our subconscious deeply to understand our unique symbolic language we’ll need to develop dream interpretation and incubation skills.

Sometimes we see a vision of the complete healing in a dream and we are healed by the time we wake up. Sometimes the actual healing shows up later than we had hoped–it may occur a month or two or even a year later. When a dream reveals complete healing offer gratitude for the gift because spirit has been generous and gracious to you.  Then allow the dream to live on in your heart, letting it be a connection to the teachings of spirit that is yet to unfold.

Dream incubation, holding the dream gently and letting it float around in the subconscious until we have an AHA! moment is a wonderful intuitive skill to develop. It begins with writing the full dream or a dream fragment down and then inviting it to reveal itself to you.  This can happen as you are waking up or throughout the day or week.

When we learn to hold a dream gently and openly we are taken on a healing journey that can be illuminating and exciting.  Holding the dream without jumping to a conclusion about its meaning allows the interpretation to reveal itself in right timing and with greater impact. Fragments of information will show up as if magnetized to you.  Even more synchronicities will occur until the full interpretation suddenly reveals itself.  You will recognize when the insight has arrived when you experience a sense of deep clarity. Suddenly life is seen and known from a different perspective and there is a peaceful acceptance about the information that allows you to move forward with your healing.

When you are suffering through an illness or a challenging situation and wonder “when is this going to end?”  look to your answer in your dreams.  Your soul knows the answer and will guide you on a healing journey leading to new states of awareness, a new relationship with yourself and others, and a deeper understanding of the role of spirit in healing.



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