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When is it Time to Heal? Part Four

February 17, 2014

It’s time to heal when you have received a teaching or insight from the illness.

Illness is a form of purification. The body is trying to restore harmony and order to the mind, body and spirit relationship. In the midst of this process, if we have been forced to let go of our consuming focus on daily responsibilities, we are free to tune into and learn from the healing process. Spirit never wants anyone to suffer but when suffering happens there is power and wisdom revealed in the healing journey.

If you end up in the same consciousness you were in before the illness you haven’t received the full gift of the illness.

For example, there is no such thing as a “simple cold”. There is always a message in congestion and inflammation. In Light Journey Training we spent an entire month exploring the subtle teachings of the “simple cold”. We discovered ancient wounds that were still weeping deep in our cells, anger that immobilized our joints, and fears that suppressed our immune system. I’m not suggesting that you go crazy analyzing every ache or pain for yourself or someone else, but there is something to be gained by the quiet contemplation of the message in the illness. Once we are in touch with the feeling behind the symptom and the body knows it doesn’t have to alert us to untended wounds and emotions it may be free to heal.

Being present to the illness is about opening a dialog with your body to find out what it is trying to communicate. It may be saying something as simple as “I need and aspirin.” or it may be leading you to new insights and awareness that involve more of a journey.

Your healing guides are always willing to provide the information that opens the next healing step if you ask. Maybe something about your self-care needs to be adjusted in terms of diet, exercise, and physical structural alignment? A dream may reveal an old wound in need of healing or a fear that is draining precious vital energy reserves. Have you lost connection with your creativity and passion because you were too busy? Maybe the illness is indicating soul retrieval or spiritual healing are required? Or possibly the body is calling you back from the dissociated state that occurs when we are “in our head” for too long? If you try to “enter into” or connect with an ill or injured part of your body you might be surprised that it was “missing you” and what it needed was your quiet presence. The body is the temple of your soul. Its purpose is to provide a sacred meeting place for Mother Earth and your Soul to connect for mutual enlightenment.

Our life purpose is very much about “embodiment” and experiencing the joy of creation. When we are confused and forget why we are here our body can become confused and “out of sorts” too. The body is in tune with the same cosmic harmony that keeps the planets orbiting and the sun rising every day. We are that cosmic consciousness in an embodied state. Sometimes illness is the path to remembering this. When this is true we want every cell to remember this teaching so that the universal perennial wisdom lives on in an embodied state. This is our agreement with Mother Earth… that the wisdom we carry from the stars is joined through us with the wisdom of the earth to be crystallized and recorded for the benefit of all that exists on all planes and dimensions.

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