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When is it Time to Heal? Part Five

March 1, 2014

Soul Retrieval and Healing

A recent client inspired this installment of When is it Time to Heal? 

I always ask my clients what they want to focus on during a session. In this case, Brian could barely describe what he wanted out of the session.  He got out the words “lost, weak, and miserable, I can’t sleep and my knee is not healing right.”  He seemed dismayed as he described his life this way. He had a loving family and a successful career and usually felt fine. But he now felt uneasy and irritable.

We sat quietly and I asked him a few more questions. It turns out that over a year ago Brian was in a car accident that badly damaged his knee.  He required surgery on the damaged knee which, according to the doctor, had healed correctly but still didn’t feel right to Brian.  Something changed after the car accident and surgery and he was at a loss to explain it.  Everything should be OK but it wasn’t. He was struggling and seeking help.

When clients have only a vague sense of what is troubling them I try to get them to be more specific, to form a clear sense of their feelings and experience.  Brian couldn’t get farther than “I’m just miserable”.   His energy field was cloudy and heavy, which explained the “miserable” part but not the source.  I explained to Brian that we should look into a condition that shaman’s call “soul loss”.

When we experience soul loss we often feel as if “something is missing” and that “something” is a fragment of your soul or a piece of your identity that separated off during a traumatic or shocking experience. The fragment settles into dimensions beyond the physical and stays there until it is offered a safe way to return and reintegrate.  Its symptoms can include everything from depression, confusion, foggy brain, to chronic illness and even accidents. People describe experiencing a vague but troubling sense of emptiness along with an inability to feel happiness and/or move forward in their lives.  Soul loss is not always the cause of these symptoms, but it is important to include it as a possibility.

Remember a time when you were startled out of a deep sleep and couldn’t “gather yourself” together for the rest of the day? This is similar to what it feels like to have a fragment of your identity separated off from your being.  You know you aren’t quite all there, that something is missing and preventing you from moving forward like you want to, but you can’t put your finger on it. Often when we go back to sleep and wake up again we feel better. During sleep our consciousness was able to gather the fragment back to current reality.

Any type of profound mental, emotional, or physical trauma, including accidents, surgeries, illness or extreme violence can cause us to fragment. On a more subtle level shame and humiliation as well as disrespect for our Mother Earth, Father Sky and the living world of spirit are also causes for soul loss.

“Any event that causes shock could cause soul loss. And what might cause soul loss in one person might not cause soul loss in another. It is important to understand that soul loss is a good thing that happens to us. It is how we survive pain.”  Sandra Ingerman.

We cannot thrive when we experience soul loss. We’re constantly trying to compensate for the loss we feel, exhaustively striving to replace what is missing.  When soul loss occurs physical healing may be stalled or blocked entirely until the fragment is retrieved and fully reintegrated in the body through soul retrieval. Based on what I now knew about Brian and what I’ve experienced with other clients and soul loss, he was probably a good candidate for soul retrieval.

Brian and I connected our energy to the energy of Mother Earth, greeted the nature spirits, the elements and the directions to ask for support and guidance and to establish a safe foundation for journeying into the unknown.  This ceremonial approach awakens our higher being and connects us to a greater source of compassion and wisdom. With the light of love surrounding us and our humble approach to the spirit world we journeyed to find Brian’s lost fragment.

Alternate Dimensions

We know more about alternate dimensions than we think we do. Dreaming is a journey into alternate dimensions and experts say that everyone dreams, whether we remember them or not.   Dreams take place in a dimension other than the physical.  When we dream we’re not aware of our physical body but we live and move in the dream world as if it is our everyday world. We are fully aware of the dream dimension and totally unaware of the physical. There is an entire universe of dimensions that we are not aware of but actually participate in without consciously “remembering”.

The Surgeon as Shaman

In Brian’s case he had two traumas that instigated his soul loss; the car accident and the knee surgery.  They formed a sequence of events that led him to healing a younger wound that was hidden beyond his reach.

Since the last trauma was the surgery we started there. In my opinion surgery stands along with war, violence and rape as a very common source for soul loss in our present world. I believe it is one area we can make profound changes in very quickly that will result in a greatly reduced number of soul loss cases.  Based on the healings my clients have experienced when we perform post-surgical soul retrieval I would recommend that all surgical patients undergo soul retrieval as part of the treatment plan.

Surgery is a wonderful healing tool. But it is not understood or practiced with an appreciation of the subtle sensitivities of the human soul and body. Because of this, further damage occurs when the medical personnel, who have the best intentions of the patient in mind, perform surgery without skillful attention to the subtle intelligence of the body and soul. This is not a knock on the medical profession; it is a request for an upgrade. Surgery should be a “ceremony” instead of a “procedure”.  The surgeon as shaman!

During surgery the patient is put in an unconscious state so the medical team can perform surgery without having to worry about the patient being in pain. This allows the surgical team to treat the patient as an object that needs to be “fixed”.  But even when the patient does not consciously feel the pain, the body knows that it has been submitted to a painful procedure outside of its control. It knows it has been objectified and on a soul level experiences a deep sense of humiliation and betrayal.  Patients have reported that while out of body during a surgery they can hear and see everything the medical team is doing.  This shows that although our body is numb and in an artificial sleep state we are still very conscious. Depending on how the surgery is handled further soul loss can happen.

As the anesthetic takes the body temperature down the body and soul are no longer able to stay connected. The soul will wander around out of body. On numerous occasions clients undergoing surgery will travel in their energy body and ask me to help anchor them back to their physical bodies.  Sometimes the soul does not fully return and fragments can be lost in the out of body dimensions.

If the surgery is treated as a spiritual ceremony instead of a procedure the body and soul are treated with honor and respect. The surgeon and medical team can speak to the unconscious patient while they are under the anesthetic and explain they are doing the procedure in the patient’s best interest, that they honor and respect the patient’s body and soul. They can seek  deeper permission to perform the procedure in a humble and prayerful attitude.  Recognition and permission go a long way towards healing in the subtle realms. The soul has less of a need to splinter and remain out of body when the entire procedure is treated this way.

Brian’s Surgery and Soul Loss

It turns out that Brian’s car accident and subsequent surgery were extremely traumatic and he did experience soul loss. We didn’t actually know this until we journeyed together in search of greater understanding of his present condition.

After grounding and invoking the sacred dimension, we performed a chakra cleansing to align and clear the field of heavy and dark energies. Once his field was cleared we were able to connect consciously with Brian’s higher being who gave us very specific information.

His higher being became our guide and we journeyed through inner space together.  We landed in a dark forested glen.  We searched the area and eventually discovered a fragment of Brian’s personality sitting crouched behind a tree.  Sometimes fragments look like the person and sometimes they are symbolic, like a withered tree or a toy doll. This fragment appeared as a very young Brian, about 7 years old. He was naked and cold, curled up against a great tree trunk.  He was so immersed in his misery that he didn’t even notice our presence. Brian’s higher being approached young Brian and sent out a gentle beam of light so as not to shock him again.  Brian’s fragment responded slowly, sensing the unknown but loving presence.  A silent dialog between Brian’s higher being and his fragment had begun.

As it turned out this fragment had left Brian when he was very young. The car accident and surgery only highlighted the soul loss that had already occurred.  Brian was absolutely furious about the car accident. He was so angry he didn’t know what to do with his feelings other than live them out in a raw punishing state separated off from the rest of his being.

When I reported what was transpiring between Brian’s fragment and his higher being it made perfect sense to Brian.  He came from a very stoic family who did not “do” emotions.  He was taught to avoid emotions so they would not cause ripples or interference. Brian had learned at a very young age that emotions would not be tolerated.

When Brian experienced the painful loss of his beloved grandmother at an early age he was not allowed to grieve or express any emotion.  The shock of the car accident jolted him out of this hypnotic state and opened a flood of overwhelming emotions. He couldn’t cope. He was so overwhelmed he couldn’t even put words to the feelings.  Children often have trouble expressing huge emotions unless they are taught skillful ways to identify, feel and process them. Many childhood memories or grief and pain are often “non-verbal” and as a result “split off” and stored “off-site”, in a dimension far away from waking consciousness.

Brian and I had a heart to heart discussion on the importance of emotional intelligence. He found it interesting that we used the words emotions and intelligence together.  With a little coaching he understood how he had been taught to ignore and suppress his feelings to the point where he was totally disconnected from his heart and soul.  He wanted to know more about the relationship between his emotions and his body. His fragment was showing him in very dramatic terms that his healing was dependent upon recovering and reclaiming his feelings.

At this point Brian’s higher being took the young Brian by the hand, surrounded him in love and asked him if would like to return to the adult Brian.  Brian’s young fragment agreed and we journeyed back to current time, with young Brian reintegrating with adult Brian.

Brian felt different after the soul retrieval session.  He feels more alive and comfortable in his body, more whole.  He is on a path to learning about and accepting his feelings and his knee is feeling a lot better.

When is it Time to Heal?

Soul Retrieval is an attempt to heal soul loss and when the client is ready to heal at a very deep soul level they can seek out a trusted practitioner who is skilled in soul retrieval.

During soul retrieval, as in Brian’s case,  we enter the expanded dimensions through the heart to insure we have engaged very refined wisdom, power and compassion. The delicate facets of consciousness reveal themselves to the eyes of the heart. Like when a microscope reveals an entire world of unseen organisms or a telescope opens us to cosmic visions beyond our normal ability to see, our heart is the lens through which these other dimensions are known. Brian’s higher being was known to us through our hearts.

The twists and turns, the folds, wrinkles and angles of multi-dimensional worlds reveal their secret passageways to the heart.  In these dark corners or crystalline worlds of light we find the fragments hiding or just wondering aimlessly through the endless maze of uncharted worlds.   In the safe loving arms of the heart we turn the process over to the higher being and guides who are connected to the client. This helps the client feel more secure and safe. Who better to guide us to the hidden fragments than the oversoul of our being who knows all.? Our everyday mind does not have the scope to perform these functions but our higher being does.

When we suffer from long chronic illness, depression and anxiety, PTSD, confusion and low energy it is worthwhile considering soul loss as a source of the symptoms and soul retrieval as a path to healing.  If these symptoms have defied the healing wisdom of western medicine it is possible that we need to look deeper, to the more subtle realms of energy and spirit for healing.

When is it time to heal?  When our fragmented identity is returned to a state of wholeness we are ready to heal and enthusiastically move forward with our lives.

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