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Visiting with the Divine Mother

April 17, 2014

Two weeks ago I returned from Thailand. I lived for three short weeks in two tiny villages in the rice field plains and rain forest hills of the north. The experience was life changing in many ways. The hearts of the people were wide open, the rice fields cast a spell of the misty primordial energy of creation and the rain forests lunged at us with unbridled life force. Needless to say, both the inner and outer gifts were priceless.

What happened two days into the trip is what I want to share with you. I was resting after a day of service; we had helped a father and son build an addition to their small wood and cinder block home. I fell deep inside my body, the rice fields spell was at work, and I noticed an iron suit of armor releasing from the depths of my being. It was not just personal armor; it was the armor of our culture here in the United States. This was not just a “vacation thaw”, it was deeper, closer to deeper, closer to the core, a much more insidious imprisonment releasing me from it grip. It was a deep level of imprisonment–limitation put on the soul by the culture, again I reiterate, not just by family and personal history.

Many inspirations followed from this experience but the one that stands out the most is that it is almost impossible to notice the deepest influences on our being because we are living and breathing them subconsciously. We make so many automatic assumptions about who we are based on these deep levels of automatic programming. Caroline Myss, the well known medical intuitive, would call this coming in contact with the tribal level or first chakra awareness of our being. The realization that healing is not just a personal path but has much to do with our greater community was impressed upon me deeply.

In the United States I see people taking on personal healing with a vengeance and also with a heavy burden of self imposed personal responsibility. This idea of “rugged individualism” that is part of our culture is part of the “iron armor” that was revealed and released (at least momentarily) in Thailand. It was evident that a deep aspect of our healing path and our current popular illnesses–cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and others, can be traced to the mass culture and the individual life styles that are propagated as a result. I asked what an individual could do when this is the case.

In response a sweet rosy atmosphere filled the room and enveloped my being in a loving embrace. The Divine Mother appeared and this is what she communicated to my heart.

The heart is a world of its own and is so vast that if we allow it, it will expand to encompass our current reality and provide an entirely new world to exist within. This will free us from the deep cultural impressions that cling and weigh on our hearts and liberate the soul to express its true nature.

This confirmed the heart centered work I have been quietly exploring for the past several years. It is now time to make the shift into this new world of the heart. To facilitate this shift the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies on the planet is necessary. Without these two fundamental energies working in harmony, creation and renewal cannot exist. Our world will be focusing on death and destruction until the polarities come into balance.

I realized that this was the continuation of an experience that began last year on a sacred journey to Peru and Bolivia. The theme of the journey was “reawakening the feminine: and so as we performed ceremony to reawaken the wisdom sealed in the ethers and earth from hundreds of years ago, the Divine Mother in her varied forms appeared to many of us in the group.

One of the places she appeared was the celebration of the Virgin of Copacabana in Copacabana, Bolivia. While the celebration was practiced as a Catholic mass it was also recognized by the indigenous peoples as a celebration of the Divine Feminine within their own traditions. She had come in answer to my desperate pleas about what to do about the overwhelming pain and suffering of humanity. She appeared with radiant stars beaming around her glowing ethereal being, speaking to me in soothing tones and celestial music for almost an hour. I was in a state of awe, unaware of myself or the earth plane. Two dear friends carefully tended my body as my soul soared into the heavens. The Divine Mother initiated a planetary cleansing through my heart as she pulled the strands of humanity’s pain and suffering through my heart into her heart. Every cell of my being represented a suffering being and she transmuted through her sacred heart this overwhelming embodiment of planetary suffering. The pain was like beads on strands of energy that seemed endless but eventually the cleansing was completed. Completely empty, I was bathed in the divine healing light for the remainder of the night and following day.

While I have had the privilege of traveling to exciting remote locations and meeting with extraordinary people, the path of the heart does not require such great external efforts. Thanks to these experiences and to the training bestowed by great beings on this planet and other realms, I can share with you new perspectives, new energies. Just by reading these words you are downloading the experiences and shifts into your being. They will take seed and sooner or later generate new insights within.

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