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3 Little Steps to Become More Intuitive

April 18, 2014

3 Little Steps to Become More Intuitive

Exercise #1: Practice Being Worthy
If you don’t listen to your intuition why should your intuition speak to you? Your intuitive nature needs to know that it is being heard and not dismissed. How many times do you like banging your head against a brick wall!

Start to honor your intuition in the small details of life. Notice the number of times you defer to someone else during the day. When someone asks, “Would you rather go for Chinese or Italian?” Do you say, “Oh, I don’t care, whatever you want?” Or do you ask yourself which would you prefer?

Or how many times do you phase out when someone is talking at you, being rude to you, or asking you to do something for them and you just agree, nodding your head up and down like a bobble doll just to get the person off your back? Phasing out is a clue that you have lost your self respect; you are no longer present and without presence you cannot listen to your intuition. Instead, can you find the presence of mind to find a gracious way to excuse yourself or say “no” to protect your precious time and inner space? Watch for these seemingly little incidences during the day when you phase out and defer to someone or a situation because you do not have the confidence to stay present to your own needs and intuition! Every time you manage so stay present rather than phasing out you are nurturing your intuitive ability!

Exercise #2: Bubble Awareness
Be aware of the type of space you need around your being and your body. I call this your bubble. You know when someone stands too close to you; you have an instinctual feeling of wanting to back away. Do you honor your instinct or stay in an uncomfortable position because you are afraid of offending someone?
On the emotional level, do people lean on your bubble too much? That’s another way of saying; do they drain your energy with their negative talk and heavy energy? How might you listen without getting drained or phasing out while still remaining supportive? Once again, presence is the key to retaining your self respect while being helpful to another. The exercise here is to begin recognizing when your

energy is getting drained. Very often we don’t even realize that we are losing energy until after it has happened. By then it is too late. When we listen with presence we are able to continue filling ourselves and the space around us, thus supporting the beings we are with without getting overly empathic or overly involved with their situations. We support them with our energy rather than letting them drain us. Very often you may be surprised that with this type of energetic support, the person who has the problem may come up with a new insight just from being in your energy field!

Exercise #3: Practice Truthfulness With Self and Others
There is a direct relationship between being honest with yourself and clarity of intuition. Intuition is not always about good things. Sometimes it is about illnesses, death and nasty situations. If we are not honest with ourselves we will block out the intuitions that don’t agree with the lies we tell ourselves.
This is a touchy subject, but it is very relevant to the development of your intuitive abilities. Being honest with ourselves is something that needs to be done in small increments. We eventually want to be led to the truth….THE TRUTH! I am talking about the truth that is referred to in the mystical traditions, the true nature of reality, the true nature of our being, the true nature of God. Ultimately our intuition will guide us to these big truths, but we have to start with learning about small truths.

I suggest that people ask within themselves to be guided or oriented towards “truth”. I am not suggesting that you go out and brutally tell everyone the honest truth about how you feel about them. No, first you must attend to finding out what your truth is and that is something between you and yourself. Then when you have a handle on being honest with yourself, you will find a compassionate and self respecting ways to bring truth into your relationships. I really believe the 12 step programs have a great grasp of coming to terms with being honest and true. It’s a process to work through carefully and over a period of time, but with a commitment to the end goal.

These three exercises may look pretty mundane, but they attend to the qualities that support your intuitive nature. Our society has ways of justifying some very bad behaviors and these behaviors contribute to the shutting out of our intuitive voice. Entering the path of the intuitive leads us to illuminate the shadows and crevices our being. These exercises point you in a direction that may be very helpful. Turn within and check to see if any of these are calling to you.

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