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Accessing Subtle Energies: Preparation

April 18, 2014

Accessing Subtle Energies: Preparation

Don’t give up!

Many think that they can sit down and tune in on the spot and they will be able to access the realm of subtle energies. This is usually not the case. Subtle energies do not subscribe to the instant gratification model of our current society. Often we get frustrated and confused, suffer self doubt and self-rejection because we can’t access this realm at will. It is possible to move into this realm often but it does take some preparation; a shift of perspective and consciousness.

There are actually two realms we can easily identify that are part of the expanded realm of consciousness. A strong reaction in our gut when we are facing trouble is the first. It doesn’t matter how you prepare for this, it will occur dramatically sometimes and more quietly at other times. This reaction is visceral and direct and shows that our primal instincts are still intact. Note, we often override this gut reaction and dismiss it with rationalizations that we really believe! The second is the realm of the divine within. Accessing this realm takes preparation as it is so subtle that the noise of our busy mind out shouts the silent communion of this realm.

Accessing the realm of the sacred or divine within, first takes relaxation. How many of us actually relax when we say we are going to relax? We usually turn on the TV, exercise, read, talk on the phone, or chose another enjoyable distraction. These activities do not promote the type of relaxed deep alert awareness that true relaxation brings. True relaxation is a turning within to the silence of the inner space that is identified by many names: the psychic realm, the sacred, the divine, esp, PSI, subtle energies, etc. It is this exercise of turning within that has a door with rusty hinges! It is not surprising that after a busy day it would take one almost an hour to relax to the point where they feel deeply connected within. So please, don’t give up if you haven’t given yourself a chance to approach the depths of your being with the type of relaxed alertness that it truly requires.

The following is a brief list of additional qualities of the mental, physical and emotional realms that will promote access to the realms that your heart is seeking.
1. Relaxation of mind, body and emotions
2. Release of judgments of others and self
3. Spaciousness of mind and emotion—not pressed for time or to do something
4. An open loving heart
5. Grounded with earth and spirit
6. A quiet mind
7. A clear conscience
8. Relaxed concentration
9. Patience—no expectations
We will delve in-depth into each of these qualities in the articles coming up next month!

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