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Intuition: The Path to the Divine

April 18, 2014

Intuition: The Path to the Divine
Intuition is our direct connection to the Divine. When we trace our intuitive voice to its origin, we are eventually led to the knower and lover of all—the Divine. Usually we look to intuition to provide information that will help us with matters of health and well being, life challenges or life purpose.
What if we turn our sight inward and invite our intuition to guide us to the divine?

Intuitive information bypasses all the “knowing” that we have acquired and the judgments that defend our ego. It also provides information where there was none before—such as knowing something you have never learned or couldn’t ever know about. Intuition leads us to the spiritual path because of its ability to “blow our minds”—transform our notion of self and others. Intuition is our line into the vast Oneness that connects us with everyone and everything. Imagine a wire that carries information, like a fiber optic telephone cable. Trace it to its source and you connect directly with the caller. This is where intuition can lead us—to the Source—with a capital “S”!

In this case, intuitive information is not the goal; it is the gateway that gives access to something even greater than information, something closer to the source. I speak of inspiration and revelation.

We usually associate inspiration with an artistic endeavor or at least something very creative. Inspiration is very creative—it comes from the source of all creation. When something is inspired it is beyond the comprehension of all—it seems to arrive as an act of grace that brings wholeness, peace and completeness. A painting or symphony can be completed when the inspiration descends, an invention can be conceived in its entirety, and a poem writes itself across the page. Anything created through an act of inspiration has a feeling of wholeness and completeness unlike any other idea or creation. Imagine living an inspired life! The feeling of wholeness and peace that accompanies inspiration is beyond compare. It is having access to the grander plan—a true alignment with the divine will. There is no mistaking intuition for personality projection in this type of experience because our minds are purified so as to see all for what it is.

Those who feel inspired will do anything to manifest whatever they are called to do because of the sense of purpose, wholeness, and peace that accompanies it. They mystics have always claimed that for every illness there is a cure—it is through inspiration that the cures can be revealed.

When we feel inspired and uplifted we come in contact with the realm of revelation. The mysteries of the divine and all of creation are revealed to those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, so say generations of prophets and mystics. The grace of inspiration leads to the state of revelation. Revelation leads directly to the source of divinity within—the true self revealed in its glory, power, light and love. From the state of revelation miracles occur–such as the miracle of life! We are the revelation of the Divine—our heart, our body and our mind are manifestations of the Divine Love. Through revelation we return to the source of our being, the original seed with its potential and purpose. It is at this Source that the deepest healing and transformation takes place.

This process of evolving from intuition to inspiration to revelation is a natural progression and is presided over by the spirit of guidance. The spirit of guidance is the living intelligence of the Divine that animates life. By tuning first into our intuitive feelings and messages, we begin a process that leads us to the revelation of spirit in our lives.

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