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Medical Intuition: Where to Begin?

April 18, 2014

Medical Intuition: Where to Begin?


We come from the light and we return to the light. We are light. Light reveals and heals. It illuminates all aspects of our lives with love, understanding and insight—even the darkest corners of our psyches are freed from shadow by the light. It is literal and symbolic; it is divine and yet physical; it is both particle and wave as we are both unique individuals and at the same time united as One.

As an infant I remember seeing the light all around me and light beings were my companions. One day a shadow fell in front of the light and my mother came into focus as she bent over the crib to pick me up—the foreground and background shifted and I was grounded into this physical reality of shadow and light. It was a day I will never forget. It spurred in me a yearning, a single-minded driving passion to return to the radiant and loving land of light. The only place my soul knows as home. Unrelenting, this yearning led me to the mystic’s path—the path of the heart.

The path of the mystic brought my focus back to our earthly reality because it put me in touch with the divine light, the divine intention and the divine presence as it manifests in our hearts. My yearning is now channeled into compassion and service. I now seek illumination and ecstasy in the day to day role of child, mother, wife, artist, healer, teacher, and friend. With this realization my mother, and for that matter, all of creation is divine love incarnate, not just a shadow! Once again the foreground and background shifted—not one instead of the other—but into a dynamic spiraling wholeness where all possibilities exist!

Intuition is the faculty that allows us to glimpse the divine light, to feel the divine presence, or to catch a whiff of the divine fragrance that permeates all creation. When the divine light illuminates our being, all is revealed though a lens of love. The interior of our body, normally out of reach of our “physical eye sight” can be literally lit up by the divine light so that we can perceive our organs, tissues and cells with our inner eye. The “inner eye”, also referred to as the sixth chakra or the third eye, has the ability to activate intuitive perception. Each of our physical five senses has a corresponding heightened or inner sense and each of these inner senses may be used to perceive conditions other than the physical, such as auras, remote locations and energy channels. We have only to be present to the divine guidance revealed by the light to understand our healing path. We may then perceive energies, know and understand correlations of attitudes and actions with disease, and gain insight into how to move forward towards a new dynamic balance of well being.

Begin now. Turn within and connect to the divine light that lives within your heart. Let that light radiate throughout your entire body and aura until you feel luminous like the sun. The light burns away the self-critical feelings and infuses your perception with love. It is when you are in this state that you focus on your questions and wait for loving guidance to direct your inquiry. This is where the intuitive process begins, not when you are in your judgmental, critical perspective, but when you are aligned with the loving viewpoint of the divine light.

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