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The Medical Intuitive Within: Part 1

April 18, 2014

The Medical Intuitive Within: Part 1

Each of us has a little medical intuitive within monitoring the state of our mind/body wellness. Discerning or listening to the voice of the inner medical intuitive is another issue!

Our cells, organs and tissues are communicating with us continuously; in fact there is an entire channel of our consciousness devoted to this communication. Like the travel channel or the weather channel on cable television, this channel carries only information on your health and well being. It tells you how your life, thoughts, and feelings are impacting your body, how your soul and cells are aligned and how to reclaim your dignity by living life from an inner-directed perspective. Unfortunately we have not been trained to tune in to this wonderful medical intuitive within.

If we had been raised in an indigenous culture that was in touch with the earth and the natural rhythms of the cosmos, we would have been taught as a young child to recognize and listen to our intuitive healing voice. The community we lived in would be united by the common ability to heed this intuitive voice. As a culture that is displaced from the natural world and with the mind/body disconnection that ensues, learning to discern, listen to and heed the voice of healing within requires an enormous change in perspective.

As we approach the subject of the inner medical intuitive we will address the following common issues: 1) How to discern the intuitive voice? 2) Fear of the actual intuitive information. 3) Overcoming the belief that someone else knows more about yourself than you do.

Projection or Intuition?

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.

Albert Einstein
Every student of the intuitive arts has the same fundamental question. How do I discern the subjective thoughts and feelings from a true intuitive communication? Often you think you know something to be true and then find out it isn’t. This happens when the mind, with its desires and projections, overrides the intuition. The mind has the ability to fool us, but true intuition doesn’t. Intuition is the voice of the soul, the wholeness of your being. It is not necessarily psychic ability or the ability to tell the future or past. Like a compass, it continually reorients your being to your truth and integrity leaving you to figure out the details!

There are qualities to an intuitive communication that truly distinguish it from the random ramblings of the mind. It is important to learn what your intuitive voice sounds like. It is unique to you and unlike anyone else’s so comparing yourself to others may cause you to doubt yourself rather than confirm your experience
Here are some of the qualities that distinguish an intuitive hit
• Clarity and definitiveness that seems to come out of nowhere
• A sense of security and confidence
• An overall stillness surrounding the insight
• Particularly vivid or strong dreams and day dreams
• A sense of wholeness and completeness
• Mind/body relaxation
• Synchronous with other aspects of your life
• The same message appears everywhere you are, on television, in magazines, in conversation with friends
• Goose bumps, tingles or energy streams
• The light bulb goes on in your head
• A sense of coherency
• Visual cues such as colors, images and symbols
• A clear voice that breaks through the mental chatter
• A taste, smell or feeling that alerts and enlivens
Fear of Knowing
There is

Fear of Knowing

There is a soul force in the universe, which if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.
Mahatma Gandhi

There is a common fear that the intuitive communication will be bad news or hard to live up to. That your whole life will be turned upside down as a result of receiving the information! What we are really afraid of is turning within and hearing the voice of our own self loathing! Usually when we begin the process of quieting the mind, relaxing the body and turning within, the first thing we encounter loud and clear are our negative and judgmental thoughts and feelings.

Why would anyone want to turn within if the first thing they heard was self loathing criticism? Actually the fear is of hearing the same intimidating tape of self loathing mantras that were once faint, but are now quite loud and clear! The wrathful God of the Old Testament may be who appears to prophets and saints, but to most of us, the gentle loving voice of our intuition sooths and comforts because it brings a sense of confidence that we are connected to a wonderful sacred inner resource. Usually, the intuitive mind has a sense of peace and clarity that provides a respite, a retreat space from the craziness of our internal and external pressures. No matter what the message is, even one we do not want to hear, there is a reassurance when we hear it from the quiet voice within.
Being and Begin
Did you ever notice that the words being and begin are practically the same word? There’s an intuitive clue! We can begin by being loving and present. Loving towards ourselves and present to the amazing light of intuitive knowing within. Light reveals and heals. It illuminates all aspects of our lives with love, understanding and insight—even the darkest corners of our psyches are freed from shadow by the light. It is literal and symbolic; it is divine and yet physical; it is both particle and wave as we are both unique individuals and at the same time united as One. Intuition is the faculty that allows us to glimpse the divine light, to feel the divine presence, or to catch a whiff of the divine fragrance that permeates all creation. When the divine light illuminates our being, all is revealed though a lens of love.

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