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The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Three

April 18, 2014

The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Three

How many times have you called to make an appointment with a doctor or healer believing that he/she knows more about your body than you do? In one sense this is really ludicrous—-I live in my body, how could anyone know more from the outside than I know from the inside?

If you’ve never thought about this perspective, here are a few questions to consider. Why don’t we know more about how our body functions given we have the inside scoop? What is this body that “I” supposedly live in? Who is this “I” I am referring to and how did “I” get in here? Who threw out the owners manual before I got a chance to read it? These questions reflect the mind/body split that exemplifies most of Western culture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out that you can know more about your body than anyone else? That the “I” who you think lives in your body is also the “I” of the cells and the DNA?

From the intuitive point of view we have the ability to know vast amounts of information about our bodies. Amazonian shamans take medicinal plants, Siberian shamans go into trance, Mystics delve into the divine light, Australian aborigines connect with their spirit guides–enabling each to connect with and channel the divine intelligence of the universe. The information regarding the disease, cure and the mind/body/spirit relationship are clearly revealed.

We have the ability to know this type of information without the medicinal plants, through development of our intuition. We have the ability to do what is referred to as “internal viewing”, or the ability to use intuitive sight to see directly into the body and view the biochemical processes that are linked to biological functioning. We can develop the ability to “see” the valves of the heart, the lining of the intestines or the cells of a virus. How empowering it is to have this kind of direct connection to your body. The only reason we don’t is that we have been are told that we can’t!

You can be taught to do internal viewing, it is an intrinsic human ability. Barbara Brennan teaches it in her healing school and I teach it at the Ursuline Sophia Center. One of the requirements of the training is to be able to relax and quiet the mind so that the intuitive sight is not overrun by projections and desires. Truly, if the mind is quieted and we can connect to the spiritual guidance which is constantly guiding us from within, we can develop our internal viewing skill. This types of training takes patience for our world is not a quiet world, nor are we used to be so intimately connected to our own bodies!

One of my students was intent on learning how to “see” into his body and to “see” energy. Frustrated as he was with his hundreds of attempts, one night, lying quietly in his bed, he practiced one more time and it happened–he saw his own physical heart!

Imagine going to a doctor and asking for help based on the information you already have from within? You would choose a physician that would partner with you in your healing process. Partners who would work together to honor the richness of the inner knowledge that is revealed to you intuitively and the medical knowledge offered by the professional. The process would truly enhance the healing, dignity, and self-respect of all involved.

Everyone has the potential to develop this ability. It is a birthright waiting to be claimed. In fact, if you quiet the busy-bee mind right now and listen, you may hear a voice urging you ever so gently to claim it right now.

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