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The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Two

April 18, 2014

The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Two

Lighting Up the Darkness
There is an old Sufi tale about a rascally kind of guy named Nasruddin. Nasruddin was not a bad man, he just always doing things in odd and different ways. One night a townsperson found him on his hands and knees searching for something on the ground under a street light. The townsperson asked Nasruddin if he lost something. Nasruddin replied that he had lost the key to his home. The townsperson inquired; did you lose it around here? Nasruddin replied; no, I dropped it by my front door. Perplexed the townsperson asked; then why are you looking for it here? Nasruddin answered; it’s too dark by my front door, I can’t see a thing! So I’m looking where I can see the key, in the light!

What light is Nasruddin referring to? Certainly not the streetlight, but the light of the divine, the light that illuminates our life’s path, the light of our soul that shines out from our being, illuminating all that falls in its beams.

What does this have to do with medical intuition? Medical Intuition is about understanding the mind/body/spirit continuum. Healing and well being is about restoring harmony to the mind/body/spirit continuum. To initiate this process of deep understanding, we need to see with the light of the soul. The light of the soul sees wholeness and perfection first and allows the light to reveal the path to healing and restoration. Our being is always moving towards perfection and wholeness—it is encoded on all levels to guide us towards optimum growth and health. Even cancer or a cold is an attempt by our being to reestablish some kind of harmony given the present mind/body/spirit circumstances. As an example, if you have been too busy to listen to the spiritual guidance coming from your heart, maybe you’ll come down with a cold or flu that will make you stop and listen! Divine love precludes anything other than perfection. What we do to cloud or veil that perfection is the mystery of life.

Many people remember the fist time they experienced themselves from a point of wholeness and light—it is a life changing experience. We no longer think of ourselves as essentially bad and in need of fixing, but instead, we experience our essential perfection in a way that shows us the illusory nature

of the mind and its ability to hide or throw a shadow on our divine perfection. The act of performing a medical intuitive assessment may bring about very helpful healing insights regarding a challenging issue but it also has the potential to initiate a profound healing process by providing a new reference point and connection to our light and wholeness.

When we think about the inside of our bodies we usually think of a very dark place that is inaccessible to our vision. Surgeons can see it when they open us up, eye doctors can see inside our brain with special equipment when our pupils are dilated or laparoscopic cameras can give us the inside view. And yet, in our culture we were never taught to use our innate ability to see with our mind’s eye or our intuitive sight?

There are many ways in which we can view the inside of our bodies without special equipment. Traditional ways include entering trance states that induce dreams and visions, the use of plant psychedelics, spiritual ceremony, vision quests, retreats, and by mastering spiritual practices that develop the intuitive sight so that it can be accessed in a waking lucid state. There are probably many others that I haven’t mentioned. Every indigenous culture that is connected to the earth or a mystical tradition has a method for seeing inside and beyond into realms that are considered by our culture inaccessible.

Internal viewing with intuitive sight gives us direct perception of the body’s interior in the same way that a laparoscopic camera does. But internal viewing requires the soul light for its source of illumination. Imagine the light of the divine illuminating the interior spaces of the body. Yes, just play with the idea that a light is turned on inside of your body. What would you see? At first you might image it like the pictures you have seen in anatomy books. But as you work more deeply with the practices that develop your intuitive sight, you will actually see the organs and tissues.

One of the first practices begins with imaging light. Become aware of the crown center at the top of your head and then picture a beautiful diaphanous light pouring down, around and through your being. This is the beginning of your work with the light. If we start out by imagining it, one day it will turn into a reality. When the divine light illuminates the dark interior of our body, the physiology and anatomy become visible to our intuitive sight. At first you

won’t believe that you are actually viewing something that seems impossible to view, but then as you practice and the reality of it sinks in, you will have a deep knowing of your connectedness to your own body.

I have to admit to a bit of enticement here. While the explanation above seems rather simple, there is an aspect to internal viewing that is not simple. It requires enormous concentration skill and enormous amounts of energy to open and fuel the intuitive sight. Most people won’t commit to the discipline to develop their concentration to the point that it penetrates the densities of consciousness. I have had many students complain that they practice and practice, yet don’t see a thing. But if they continue to develop their relationship to the divine light invariably, one day, they call me up to report their success. About 6 moths to a year of practice will develop this ability so that it is no longer novel. It takes a few years of concentrated practice to acquire the level of skill required for doing internal viewing in a masterful and responsible way with others.

One of the changes we see when we start working with the light is that we naturally look for what’s “right” or healthy rather than being drawn to what is “wrong”. Remember, one of the fundamental principles of healing is; whatever you focus on you magnify. The role of the healer is to magnify wellness and light, not the illness or personality challenge. Connecting to what’s right or healthy connects you to the vital life force of the person. Working with this life force increases it thereby supporting immune response, intuitive insight, self-confidence and self-respect.

When a client comes into my office, the first experience I hope they will have is the awareness of their wholeness and light. They will be introduced to themselves in an entirely new and exciting way. Guided into a deep state that allows them to experience their light being and their perfection, they experience energy, flow, safety, love and light. A connection to their perfection is the first and foremost healing opportunity. After that, the

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