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Twelve Myths about Intuition

April 18, 2014

MYTH #1: Intuition is a gift. FACT: Everyone is intuitive!
Discussions about intuition often evoke two extreme responses; either a sense of awesome mystery or overwhelming anxiety. It is a subject either taboo or revered—neither approach offering much opportunity for open discussion. A vision of a world where intuition complements analytical ways of knowing would bring greater inspiration, fulfillment, wisdom, wholeness and unity to our planet. We human beings do have the ability to hold both the mysterious and the obvious in a way that reveals the highest wisdom possible.

Everyone is intuitive! We don’t recognize our intuitive moments because we haven’t been taught to identify them It wasn’t taught in elementary school, or at home, unless we were fortunate to have a parent, grandparent or mentor that taught us about this wonderful connection to the universe! Dreaming is intuitive and so is listening to music, fixing motors, and computing mathematical models. Intuition is not usually (although sometimes it is!) a booming voice coming out of nowhere telling you what to do. It is more like a quiet sense of knowing, a gut feeling, a daydream, or an abstract image with meaning. Intuitive messages are coming to us all the time, if only we would quiet our busy minds and tune in.

Listed below are some common myths about intuition that come up in my classes and when working with clients. The comments are brief, but hopefully they will stimulate and inspire!

Intuition is not Fortune Telling…

1. Intuition is a gift. Intuition is not a gift; it is the very essence of our being and needs to be recognized, nurtured and developed. Some may be more intuitively talented but everyone has the ability to develop it to a useful level.

2. Intuition only comes to those who are spiritual. Everyone is intuitively guided—it is the way of the universe. All of creation is part of a dynamic grander design. Intuition is understood most consistently when we come from a place of wholeness. In the quiet space of meditation it is easier to connect to your intuitive nature, but in reality the guiding forces of the universe are continually steering us towards our greatest potential, if we only knew how to tune in. Intuitive messages also break through the random
noise of our mind when we are in crisis such as life threatening situations or when we are called upon to help others. It may be at these times we are thrust beyond our everyday mind into a space that allows us to intuitively know that we are guided .

3. Intuition will help you predict the future. Intuition helps you become present; it has little to do with the future. When you are fully present the future is not the issue! You are willing to take the steps right in front of you when you are present, with great faith in your heart.

4. If you are intuitive in one subject you will be intuitive in every subject. Intuition usually shows up in the areas of passion and talent. If you are in love with cars and engines, you’ll know how to fix something under the hood as if it were second nature, but you may be clueless when it comes to cooking a soufflé. A financial analyst can predict the stock market but probably not the weather! Look to your areas of great interest to know where you are the most intuitive.

5. Intuitive answers are absolutes. Intuitive hits are possibilities that present in the here and now. The here and now changes every second. One intuitive hit may lead to another if you let it.

6. Being intuitive means your life will run smoothly. Intuition does not guarantee a smooth life. As we said before, intuition is not about telling the future, it is about being present. If you find yourself present to a situation that is challenging, your intuition may have led you right to it for a “growth opportunity”!

7. Intuitive awareness is all you need. Awareness is the first step but transformation comes from actualizing the awareness in your own life. You may be guided to go in a certain direction but can you overcome fears and anxieties to actualize the intuition? In order to safeguard your intuitive guidance, you need confidence, power, compassion, wisdom and faith to bring the guidance fully to manifestation.

8. There is one “right” answer. If there was one right answer, wouldn’t you think we’d have found a way to resolve all of the differences in the world? Diversity is built into life and intuition reflects this diversity in all people and situations. Intuition is sifted through cultural filters—it takes the prophetic state of consciousness to rise above all filters.

9. Information is useless unless it is intuitive. The old adage of keeping your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground applies here. The mind is a good tool for fleshing out intuition. Asking questions, thinking through consequences, compassionate consideration, simple mathematics, and many other applications of the mind supplement and complement our intuition. The mind and intuition are meant to complement each other and they do when the mind/body split is mended and whole.

10. Intuition guarantees you an answer. Sometimes our intuition is blocked and we have no clue—no gut feeling—nada—zip—we are in a void. Nature has built voids into the cycles of life so that regeneration may occur. Winter is a void time for most plants. It looks like nothing is happening but a great deal is happening in the unseen realms to allow for new growth in the spring. The same applies to us, a void period may seem to yield no insight, no path, no where to go or nothing to do. At these times, if we allow it, our intuition will guide us to rest and renew—but we might not recognize it as intuition because of our cultural inclination to be so busy all of the time!

11. Intuition is a booming voice or a flaming bush telling me what to do! Intuition comes to everyone in many different ways. A gut feeling, a song playing over and over in our mind, a dream, a vision, fragrance or taste. All of the senses are channels for our intuition and every cell can be an antennae for information. Presence and awareness allows us to know to what we know in many less dramatic ways than a booming voice or mind altering vision!

12. Intuitives are kooks and crazy people! Are you afraid of using your intuition because you will be labeled a kook, witch, or nutcase? When intuition comes to a clear confident mind, the information may be modulated so that it can be used in everyday situations without freaking others out. It is very important to be grounded, present and clear so that you may use your intuition to benefit society without appearing kooky or crazy! Patience and maturity will help you navigate your path.

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