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Summer Solstice 2014

June 3, 2014

How many truly understand the profound significance and meaning of the Solstice? When friends and family are planning events I politely tell them that I am already busy on the Solstice and Equinox because these are my “holy-days”.

Our bodies know and understand these markers of celestial timing. They know when to rest and when to act, when to sow and when to reap. Even the bible tells us that there is a time for everything in its season. So when the Solstice draws near, in June and December, it is a time to turn within and align with the cosmic forces that align us with the multiverse, the multiple dimensions of being more subtle than the material plane.

The Solstice is a time to remember…..re-member; return all of the scattered fragments of our being back to unity and harmony. Leading up to a solstice life lets you know what is out of whack. We may not listen or learn, but the teaching is present.

There is a solstice moment that is calculated astronomically and there is the time of the solstice which is a three day window of opportunity to gather wisdom and experience expansion. The days before and after the solstice are “in the energy” and carry the power of the cosmic event. During the summer solstice our bodies know to celebrate the light as they absorb the long hours of daylight and turn it into energy for healing. Our hearts know to celebrate the longest day of the year and opens to the sun as a flower blooms in fullness. Light is the language of the mystic and more light means more holy teachings are being brought to us by the ascended masters and those who are the wisdom keepers of our life.

During the dark hours of the winter solstice our bodies know to rest and nest. During this cycle we turn within to renew and seed the blossoming of the next cycle of our life. We commune with our soul and guides to prepare the path for our new blooms. We are more like trees and flowers than we realize and have much to learn by observing nature’s beauty and harmony.

The mind that is separated from nature and from Mother Earth will not see or feel the meaning in celestial events that the earth takes part in. Nor does a mind disconnected from its roots understand that we do not walk ON the earth; we walk within the earth, as guests of her heart and soul. It is an illusion to believe we are separate or that we do not come under the influence of all that happens in the cosmos. Learning from the solstice we may find that we are participating in the vast waves of contraction and expansion of the universe, the in-breath and out-breath of the one living spirit. These cosmic contractions and expansions are the forces that birth our growth and awareness, just as the contractions of labor birth us into a new world.


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