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Understanding the Solstice

June 15, 2014

The mysteries of the solstice are beyond the grasp of the western reductionist mind. That we live on a planet that is alive and sentient and our planet exists within a community of planets. Our solar system exists within a greater community and the galaxy and so on; this should show us that there is an intelligence that is within our grasp that we are not comprehending. There is a living world that we are part of that has more answers and meaning than we will ever know unless we open our hearts to the life cycles of our dear Mother Earth.

The Solstice and Equinox offer opportunities for growth and expansion that are in harmony with the entire cosmos. Why wouldn’t you want the power and love of an entire cosmos supporting your development and fulfillment as a human being? Would you plant a summer blooming annual in the snow in winter? Ignoring the timing cycles of the environment you live in is a recipe for failure. Our efforts to fulfill our dreams are rooted in finding harmony with the natural cycles of Mother Earth and the cosmos.

Harmony is an interesting phenomenon. When a person is in harmony with his or her self there is a feeling of smoothness, seamlessness, and peace. It’s as if we slip into another dimension and experience another state of being. You could say that reaching a perfect harmony opens dimensions beyond our daily reach. The ancient Vedic teachings reach us with this message through the wisdom of the chakra system. Once the chakra system, our subtle intelligence, is in balance and harmony, we attain enlightenment, or experience of the divine. This is an actual Vedic science called the Science of the Breath.

Harmony gives us what we long for and it opens possibilities that we never dreamed of as we are carried on waves generated by harmonic resonance. At the time of the solstice humans have an opportunity to readjust, accommodate and re-center towards greater inner harmony. The alignment and harmony of the planet with the solar system sets up a great wave, or harmonic, that carries us into new dimensions of consciousness, if we are prepared and aligned. This wave is happening whether we are aware of it or not. It is influencing your body, mind and heart in ways that are not apparent to your physical senses but still exert an influence.

Have you ever started a project on the “wrong foot”. You know how much effort it takes to get it onto the “right foot”! Sometimes you can’t get it reset and have to start all over. Recognizing the effect of the earth cycles helps us live our life on the right footing. Participating in solstice meditations where a group enters into the state of harmony with the planetary cycle is even more powerful. Just as Mother Earth is a member of her community in the solar system, we are members of the community of Earth. If we don’t understand that we are participating in an earth experience with our sisters and brothers we are denying our very roots and purpose for being alive.


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