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Heart Wisdom and Vision in Relationships: 2014 July Attunement

June 28, 2014

During our day long attunement we will be supported by Mother Earth, the Ascended Masters and our Higher Being to explore our current and past relationship with the intent to find the inner gem of a teaching that is trying to transform you right now.

Relationships take on a whole new meaning when experienced through the vision and wisdom of the heart.  Mystics seek the wisdom of the heart for counsel and guidance on how to engage in life and our relationships authentically and with compassion.  It is possible to gain enlightenment through the lessons learned by our primary relationships of friends, lovers and family.  Actually this is one of the most natural spiritual paths to take.  Where else will we find such an abundance of teachings surrounding us all of the time!

Our current life style leaves little time to nurture our relationships deeply. We need free space to swish and wiggle around in our feelings and reactions to find some clarity and peace with the challenges that arise. We also need this space to find our own  peace and self acceptance so that our relationships are not just a projection of our own needs and desires.  Rather than try to escape or ignore the relationships that we find ourselves in at this very moment we can journey into our hearts to discover the teachings that are relevant to our immediate growth and expansion.

We will experience the process of returning to our inner heart vision and wisdom through a series of meditations that refine your awareness and clear the clouds of confusion and doubt.  Learn how to sit in a spiritual circle that supports individual and planetary healing.  Let your intuition speak to you about the qualities and life lessons you brought to life to be completed through relationships?  Come with an open mind and an open heart sincerely wanting to understand yourself and the relationships in your life.

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