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Truth and Health in Relationships

July 9, 2014

It’s amazing how much and how often we adapt ourselves so that we will be accepted by those we are with. If we only knew the effect that contorting ourselves in this way effects our physical health, clarity and passion we would start to pay attention pretty quickly.

Our heart and brain are highly sensitive to each of our thoughts and feelings and will relay this information immediately to the body. If I feel fear about expressing my truth this fear immediately is relayed to my body and some form of contortion and contraction is experienced. We put this under a broad label of “stress” and then drop it as if living with stress is an acceptable way to live. The thoughts and feelings involved in fear become embedded in the cellular memory and fear becomes part of our physical structure. This can manifest in any number of ways from arthritis, to addictions, to contraction of the fascia, tendons and muscles that create pain, disease, and limitation in every tissue and organ.

It is widely known that over 70% of the common ailments that doctors see are caused by stress and much of the stress we experienced is caused by the fear of expressing our true feelings. If we’ve been ridiculed, humiliated, and bullied for our feelings we’ll find every way to suppress them so that we won’t be subjected to yet another negative experience.  We suppress our feelings so much that we actually forget we have them and substitute a whole host of twisted thoughts to to cover them up. These twisted thoughts and buried feelings throw our entire being out of alignment on every level.

As a medical intuitive it is within the scope of my job to intuit the thoughts and feelings that are creating symptoms in my clients. That is the definition of medical intuition, understanding the mental, emotional and spiritual source of illness. Taking this one step further, once we understand how fear and anxiety compromise our health and well being it is really beneficial for everyone to take the journey within to find their center of power and passion and let it source their well being and expand their insight. This might look pretty risky at the outset, to actually allow yourself to know your truth.

Just recently I had a session with a lovely powerful woman who took the courageous step of divorcing a husband who had been emotionally abusive and passive aggressive. To the world he looked like the nicest guy, but at home he showed his controlling manipulative side. When she got divorced, Emily (not her real name) told me she felt guilt over the divorce because her “ex” was such a “nice guy”.  I reflected back to her the discordance she was expressing. Her experience was different from what her concept was. She had protected the “nice guy reputation” of her “ex” at her own expense. She let the lie of his being a “nice” guy take over her being and her body was taking the brunt of it. Once an avid athlete she could barely move from the pain and inflammation in her joints. She had convinced herself that she had divorced a “nice’ guy and the conflict between the lie she was living in her body and her true experience was making her ill. This is an example of how clueless we truly are. Another woman was experiencing eye issues. When she examined her primary relationships she realized she was not letting herself “see” the reality of her experience in the relationship.

Starting to allow the truth to surface is the first step. This means knowing that your feelings are valid and being willing to make space for them even if they don’t fit the “nice person” or “spiritual person” paradigm.   This is a form of taking your power back. Your heart knows clearly how to guide you in this process…..if you can find a way to listen. Reconnecting with your heart’s wisdom can be exciting and scary at the same time. It can upset the “apple cart” of your life when you start to own your truth, but you don’t have to act on anything in a hasty manner.  Be patient and delve into the depths and let creative solutions and paths open before you in right timing. Sometimes we scare ourselves into thinking we have to take drastic measures to get our life back on track and often that’s not the case. Sometimes decisive action is required but most of the time we can wait and let right timing guide us to through an unfolding that leads to a new inner alignment with our truth which promotes further healing.

There is an urge within our being to be true to our self that is so powerful that when it is diverted or suppressed it creates confusion and illness. Aging and death are unavoidable but so much of our pain and suffering can be avoided when we learn to radiate our inner light and truth throughout our body.


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  1. Barbara Whittenberger

    Hello. You offer many ways to help people help themselves. We all have such long complicated stories. I am not sure where to start but I know I need some help outside in and inside out. Have studied metaphysics for last twenty years, and healing. Animals and nature are my passions and am interested in animal communication and healing. Ideas appreciated. Thanks Barbara (I live in NE Ohio)

    1. Sarah Weiss Post author

      Hi Barbara, Thank you for commenting. I believe in studying with teachers who are doing what you want to do. Have you found someone who feels in the same “realm” as you and asked for some mentoring or if they sponsor a program to help you develop your skills?


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