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Time to Upgrade Your Consciousness

September 10, 2014

Technology is upgrading daily and so are we!  It’s tempting to surf the surface without checking out the depths but don’t you wonder what’s upgrading within you?

The turbulence on the surface does not reflect the true transformation that is going on within everyone on the planet right now.  We are in the “transition times”. This is the time where we are letting go of the body centered focus and getting ready to embrace a multi-dimensional focus. Technology is embracing it but are you?  Have you honed your skill at surfing the net of the heart matrix or the cosmic dimensions of consciousness. Everything that your computer gives you access to you can access with your consciousness.

The net is the perfect model for our upgraded consciousness.  Global connections, free exchange of information and services, thoughtful sharing, and the stealth ability to respond in the moment. This and more is open to us without needing to use technology as the interface. Eventually we will not need computers, all of our communication will be through the airwaves of our connected consciousness. We will no longer see the body and our five physical senses as our only reality.  This is already happening in your consciousness but you may not know it if you are only focusing on the surface phenomena.

Ancient and indigenous wisdom teachings speak to this reality as already having been manifested on the earth.  Indigenous tribes and guru/student relationships are not dependent upon the spoken word or time and space.  I have had many telepathic communication experiences that come in the form of words, feelings, images and energy; in fact, that is my reality and I’d love for you to join me there!  The world of this type of highly skilled sensing is already here, we just might not recognize it unless we take some time to get to know how our consciousness has already been upgraded!

The purpose of the attunements and classes I have been teaching over the past 30 years has been meant to show you the abilities you have within yourself.  When I look back over the past 30 years I am amazed at how the planetary consciousness has been given access to what only  rare devotees and mystics sought in the silence of monasteries and distant mountain tops! It’s all here and ready for us to understand RIGHT NOW!  Because we are in  what are known as the “transition times” it still takes practice to unearth these capabilities within and time set aside to learn how to live within this paradigm, but it is possible.  I believe that our hearts are lighting the path in this direction because this experience of interconnected consciousness is the experience of the heart.  When we experience life only from the brain we are missing an entire world of wonder and expansion that exists just below our collar bones.

The last two attunements of the year are scheduled to celebrate the Equinox, Sept. 20, and the Solstice, Dec. 20, 2014.  The attunements are the time when we get upgraded and can catch up with the transformation that has already happened. The support of a grounded, heart centered community helps open the inner realms to our hearts and positions us to recognize who we are and who we are becoming.  Consider joining the SpiritHeal community for the Equinox attunement coming up next week, you are welcomed with open hearts.



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