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Solar Flares….We Like Them!

September 15, 2014

Around Sept. 10 we started experiencing the effects of the solar flares our sun was generating from within its fiery atomic heart.  Unseen but felt, the energy from the flares is absorbed by our bodies and all organic matter as a breath of fresh air.

Scientists were worried about satellites and communications being impacted negatively by the flares. There was a lot of fear generated by the predictions and people were backing up all of their tech ware and making alternate plans if satellites went out of commission. But when I looked outside at the trees, flowers and lawn, I saw a different scenario.

If you are a reader of these blogs you know we are capable of seeing the unseen with our subtle senses.  In this case it was during one of my medical intuitive sessions with a client that I looked outside using my third eye vision and saw all of nature brilliantly lit up. Blinding radiance was surrounding my home and nature was dancing in joy, receiving the more refined frequencies from the excited sun.  Our bodies and nature were drinking in the beautiful energies of the solar flares and storing the energy in our cells, human and non-human alike.

It might be hard to believe that as human beings we need higher frequency environments to support our health and well being.  It is not easy maintaining enthusiasm, peace and clarity in a toxic, or low frequency environment. You know how great you feel by the ocean, in a forest, or in clean mountain air. Those who have developed their subtle energy skills appreciate the refined energies of the remote areas and try to reproduce the vital and supportive energetic state that these natural environments provide.  Ayurvedic, Taoist, Shamanic and Indigenous medicine along with meditation and inner energy work are modalities that aim to upgrade the quality of energy in our bodies and minds so that we will naturally feel better and heal from within.  The solar flares gave us a huge dose of great energy! The Great Lakes and all large bodies of water absorbed these life giving energies and are storing them to help rekindle an earth that is alive and vital.  The rocks and mountains are also storing it for the entire planet.  Sacred sites were built to receive and store energies from these cosmic events for the benefit of humans who knew how to access them through ceremony.

The fact is, we need high frequency energies to support our expanded self. But other than the rare solar flare, where can we access them?

My main point is that we need high frequency energies to support our expanded self. These energies can be generated from within to a great extent but there was a reason Rishis and Shamans lived in remote natural locations.  That scenario is hardly possible today.  When we were visiting a shaman deep in the jungle in Costa Rica he told us that their water and air was polluted, not from his tribe’s practices, but from the surrounding effects of civilization.  If remote areas are threatened, as we now know to be true, how will we ever generate refined environments that support our ascension and health?  It looks like we are being backed up against a wall that will force us to generate an inner and  outer world within that is cleaner, clearer and healthier.

I can’t stress the importance of refined energies for health and well being.  We’ve become accustomed to a very low level quality of living and struggle to maintain health in a low frequency system.  Our bodies and consciousness are requiring more of us. Awareness of food, air, water, and medical treatment quality is starting to become mainstream but is the practice of improving our inner consciousness at the forefront as well?  It takes time to cultivate an inner practice that is pure and clear.  Will we take the time to attend to it? Without the inner world balancing the outer world we’ll be in a continual struggle to find health and well-being.  There will be far less struggle and anguish if our western culture takes seriously the cultivating of inner refined energies.

If what ancient wisdom tells us is true…..that our hearts hold the key to our inner radiant solar flares and that our bodies are the sacred embodiment of the entire cosmos…then we should be able to figure this out!






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  1. Sandy

    Yes I agree with you Sarah! Just recently the Atzec Dream Plant and other sacred plants in the back yard have exploded with new growth and transformation!

  2. JoAnne Scullin

    My experience walking the creek in Chagrin Sunday and Monday supports what you are expressing and experiencing, Sarah. Thank you.



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