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Full On Powerful…Stop Splitting and Crashing

November 4, 2014

Conflicted much?  Arguing with yourself? Incessant self loathing chatter? Did you know you are living two lives at once?  It’s evident from the inner conflict that at least two of you exist within your mind, otherwise there would be no one to argue with or hate!

We have an odd phenomenon in our culture. We may look free on the outside but on the inside we’ve imprisoned ourselves with a constant barrage of self limiting attacks and we don’t even know we’re doing it.  It’s so normal to be in a state of conflict and confusion that we don’t have a reference point for positive clarity.

One of the goals of spiritual practice is Oneness.  Oneness with the True Self, the One Light, and the One All Powerful Loving Heart.  But in our daily lives we live in a state that is far from this feeling of Oneness and it is the cause of so much pain and suffering.  It is a state of being split off from your True Self.  Once we are split off from our True self we are constantly juggling the fragments and parts that have splintered off and vie for attention.  The part that wants to “please”. The part that wants to “succeed”. The part that wants “to be loved”. The part that is “furious and resentful”.  We can stand with one foot on each side of a case we are building until the anxiety overwhelms us and we split into more fragments. No wonder over 75% of our health issues are stress related!

One of the common splits we do on the spiritual path is splitting from our intuitive self.  We play a role that looks pleasing to others while denying the intuitive voice that quietly guides us on our true path. It might put us into conflict with another person, we might be shamed or humiliated for not having “scientific, concrete proof” of what we believe or know to be true,  When did we become a culture that is afraid of following our intuition? When did intuition become the enemy instead of the steady protective guidance that contributes to a complete vision of life?

We can use our will to bring these fragments together but after a while that becomes so tiring we can’t keep it up.  At some point we give up exhausted and depressed. The cortisol levels have skyrocketed, the inflammation is out of control and our body can no longer support the madness of splitting.  Our bodies were not designed to thrive with more than one voice in our head!  Imagine your body holding up a protest sign that says “One Body One Mind”!

So often in my medical intuitive practice I search for the source of illness and discover that splitting is the cause.  A client has forgotten or not learned to honor and value their unique identity and becomes lost in a maze of confusion.  We’ve lost our spiritual grounding in Truth and are spinning out in a massive energy drain.  If we are serious about our health and well being we need to look at the inner conflict that is usurping our power.  The answer is not in will power or control but in discovering the place where all conflict dissolves into peace. Learning how to shift into heart centered consciousness gives us a place where all of our fragments can melt in the cauldron of love and reunite in the Oneness state. This used to be a lofty ideal that only ascetics, gurus and spiritual masters aspired to; at this point we all need to find this heart centered place within and stay there for a much needed healing retreat!




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