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The Trauma in Dismissing Intuitive Intelligence

December 7, 2014

I was so profoundly impacted by Sarah’s words in our meditation. When she assured us that our True Being would not be attacked, dismissed or  be subject to interrogation for proof, my heart opened and I wept. I hadn’t realized how desperately my Being needed to hear that tender message. It gave my ‘flight or fight’ tendencies permission to ease up and to feel all that I truly am!  –Kim 

When I invited everyone in the class to relax and connect with their “true” being, their intuitive, heart centered being, I didn’t expect the intense responses that came forth. It was clear that the programmed prejudice against and dismissal of our intuitive intelligence has created its own type of trauma.

One morning I woke up from a very clear dream telling me I had breast cancer. I waited anxiously until 9 AM to call my doctor’s office. I felt I needed to pay attention to the message on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually. My anxiety on this occasion was very high, the dream seemed to be pointing to a physical interpretation instead of the symbolic and when the receptionist answered the phone I blurted out, “I had a dream last night that I had breast cancer!”

She obviously heard the panic in my voice and said, “Let’s see if I can get you in to see the doctor this morning.”  I couldn’t believe she actually heard what I said so I repeated it again and she responded with, “many people tell us of their dreams, whether it’s about the birth of their baby or an illness, we’ve learned to listen”. My intuitive message was respected by this stranger on the other end of the line. My whole body released and I felt affirmed in a rare moment of true communication. The anxiety had broken down my defense system that kept my intuitive voice silenced and my only default was to speak my truth.

Within a few hours I was checked out and cleared of the physical diagnosis. But dreams have a way of moving us forward despite our resistance to change.  They work in mysterious ways to bring our deepest fears to light.  In this case the fear of breast cancer and the fear of showing up in my intuitive intelligence created a perfect storm that freed me of both fears. In one morning I left my self-betrayal behind to stand firmly in my truth.

I’m sure this is true for others; my greatest talent and most shining gift is my intuitive heart centered intelligence.  I also am an artist.  And I was born with a physical body that never fit the ideal. I must have planned to be marginalized from the very moment I decided to incarnate again. I see now that I was, in true wisdom, just planning ahead. I was to be a consciousness pioneer and experience all of the dismissal, prejudice and persecution that would accompany that role.  But I was never alone.  There was always a light in my heart, an angel watching over my shoulder, guides in my dreams, and incredible teachers on all planes leading me onward.  There was so much inner support that made up for the lack of outer support that I was allowed to live in a bubble of illusion that ultimately protected my life’s vision and purpose from destructive and dismissive forces.

The marginalizing of the intuitive intelligence has inflicted its own form of trauma and victimization.  This realization is coming forth as the planetary consciousness awakens to all forms of discrimination, manipulation and violence.  Every day we are awakening more. We are living in both confusing and amazing times. The most dependable, clear and comforting space we can turn to is in our hearts, where our true being, our higher being, lives and breathes.

 If I didn’t have to defend my intuitive hits when I was a child maybe I wouldn’t have suppressed my intuition and I could access it more easily today.  –Jim 

I’ve actually been asked to leave the board of a professional organization when I offered my “feeling” about a situation. I had no “evidence” or “proof” to back up the feeling.  In the end I found out my “feeling” was right but no one ever acknowledged it nor was I invited back.  –Julia

People chalk up my “intuitive hits” to luck; they don’t recognize a greater intelligence behind the hits! –Ken

It’s time to heal from the trauma and let our intuitive intelligence gift to the world great insight and solutions.  Why wouldn’t a doctor want to hear what my dreams reveal about my body? Why wouldn’t a CEO want to hear creative intuitive solutions that provide win-win benefit?

Our planet has revolved and evolved to a place where we can recognize and free our suppressed intuitive intelligence.  With each equinox, solstice, eclipse and full moon since 2012 the ascension of the planet has supported planetary and personal ascension. The more we realize we are supported by our Mother Earth and Father Sky that are spiraling through our galaxy into greater consciousness we will be able to claim our true voice.  This ascension has been has been predicted by all indigenous and tribal elders for thousands of years and we are in the throes of it right now.

The old paradigms are breaking down as emergent paradigms peek above the surface. It can be a little daunting to go through the disintegration of the old while the new is birthing, I’ll admit that. But, who wouldn’t want to be present to transformation rather than holding on to a sinking ship? Trust that your emergent true being is guiding you through the process as gently and lovingly as possible, but also know that you are the higher being you are seeking. In your own life, this life time, you can bring your higher being to life, birth it within the human body that is already outfitted with the nervous system and subtle energy circuits to install it.

We all sense that it is the time for this to happen. Yet it seems that it’s not happening fast enough for those of us who have been involved in the consciousness movement for a long time.  There is a greater timing to these changes, on a cosmic level.  Our higher being understand this, our limited one dimensional being might understand it in a limited sense.

This is where initiation and wisdom schools come in.  The wisdom schools had to go underground during the darkest moments of last cycle but now they are coming forward once again.  Initiation rites and training in heart centered wisdom are the focus of these schools.  As the schools resurrect they are having to regroup and find their new operating system.  The old system of guru/student, where the student is awakened by an external guru through a structured series of teachings and tests is no longer the viable model.  Today’s model involves initiations provided by daily living and the guru within.  We need to reawaken the inner wisdom that knows of initiation and spiritual growth and also claim the guru or wise one within our hearts. The role of today’s wisdom schools is to help students find their inner teacher or higher being, tune into the living teachings of the heart and teach them how to listen in patient silence for the call or purpose that will guide their next cycle in life.

The winter solstice is the cosmic invitation to connect within.  Over the next few weeks we have the opportunity to live within a supportive portal from which wisdom flows in rivers of light and frequency. I hope that you take the time to tune into this opportunity and use it to source your rebirth during the spring equinox!


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  1. Renee

    I’ve just re-read this in a different state of consciousness than I did a month ago. Before, I was in a rush and was almost ‘speed reading’ for the ‘highlights.’ (Old behavior pattern!!) This morning, I took in each word and allowed the energy to wash over me. Now I feel the teaching.


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