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Living (Surviving) the Cusp of a New Age

January 17, 2015

It’s actually true. We are living at the cusp of a new age. It’s not THE NEW AGE; it’s A new age.

I’ve been helping clients and students try to understand the chaos on the planet right now. It’s almost too much to grasp the speed of change, the darkness of violence and the light of spirit in our hearts and minds. We become overwhelmed and respond with a variety of defenses to help us deal with what we see and hear every day.

The difficulty I have is the great disparity I see taking place on many dimensions. On the more subtle dimensions I experience a tremendous amount of light and support; like we’ve never had before. And on other planes I see so much darkness it’s hard to believe that they exist side by side. We are at a loss to explain it all.

A Broader Perspective

I found that it helps to put it in a larger broader context. This context is so broad it takes place over 26,000 years. I can’t help that. It’s the way Mother Earth lives, breathes and moves through the cosmos. It’s her cosmic timing that we are connecting with here!
Approximately every 13,000 years the earth enters a new cycle. This happens as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, an astronomical term for how the earth tilts away from the sun for 13,000 years and then tilts towards the sun for 13,000 years. You are probably well aware of this phenomenon because of all the talk around the events of 2012.

In mystical language this shifting towards and away from the sun is equivalent to one inhalation and one exhalation of Mother Earth. We just passed the point where the earth made her turn towards the sun and I’d like to you consider why that impacts everyone on the planet.
We are enveloped in the life of Mother Earth and Father Sun. We have a life because of these two cosmic beings; they are our Mother and Father on a spiritual as well as a biological level. Without them we would not exist as we do. We don’t often take into account that this is our reality. Instead we believe we are acting independently of Mother Earth and Father Sun. It’s kind of silly to think like that but we do.

Everything that happens to these cosmic bodies, as well as the moon and our sister planets, impacts our lives in ways that we often do not see. Medical personnel have documented the effect of the full moon on our behavior and if we extrapolate from that we can assume that we are influenced by all of the cosmic bodies whether we know it or not. Historians also document the effect of eclipses and comets and show correlations more in the way of anecdotes.

Mystical Understanding of the Breath

Take a moment to breathe in and out. Unless we’re trained yogis our breath is not always even, smooth and equal. There might be a catch or pause between the in breath and out breath and that is what I want to highlight.
Mystics understand the breath in ways that we can’t even imagine. They have taken it to a level where it is very scientific. Digestion can be improved with one type of breath and buying a new home can be successful with another type of breath. Every action of our body, mind and heart is enhanced when it is coordinated with the information provided by the science of the breath.

When we breathe out we connect with the external world; our surroundings and our senses are focused on obtaining information outside of us. The information is mostly about the changing circumstances around us. When we breathe in we are focused on the internal space; the eternal aspect of our body, heart and mind. Our senses pick up information from within. It is possible to gain greater understanding of our “eternal” unchanging nature on the in-breath, when we are drawn within. This is one of the goals of the mystic; to understand the breath so that it will reveal the deepest secrets of life.

I consider Mother Earth to be a living breathing being. So when she inhales or exhales we feel the effects of her entire body breathing. Since she has just completed her 13,000 year exhalation and is in the midst of beginning her 13,000 year inhalation, we’re experiencing the transition point. Humans often experience transitions as stressful, accompanied by chaos and confusion.
With this understanding of the breath think about the shift that just occurred.

The entire planet’s orientation in the cosmos changed from an out-breath, or focused externally, to the in-breath, and focused internally. This can be very confusing if we don’t understand the mystical nature of life. Our entire planet entered a phase of turning within. This is why all of a sudden the NEW AGE took hold of our consciousness. Classes on meditation, yoga, diet, and inner awareness are very popular. It’s all part of the message that tells us to start turning within, just like the planet did. We are taken by surprise by this change and really don’t know what to do because:
A) We have lived as if the life of the planet doesn’t impact us and
B) We’ve lived as if the external world is the main world with little or no understanding of the world’s we inhabit within.

A Great Opportunity

It’s time to align with the consciousness of the planet or we are at risk of feeling more anxiety and fear. It’s like paddling upstream in a boat; it’s very tiring and filled with unpleasant resistance. Many of the spiritual traditions around the world have predicted this time of turning within. It’s called the time of “meeting our True self again” by the Incas. The last fifty years have been inching towards the end of one age and the beginning of another. Indigenous cultures have predicted this time and recognize the span from 1988 to 2021 as the time when this takes place.

What does that mean? It means that, based upon the shifting tilt of Mother Earth, we now have the opportunity to discover our more eternal self. It means that our subtle senses are waking up. We’ve called this new awareness “intuition” but it’s more than that. It’s an awakening of several discreet senses that exist within the heart that sense levels of consciousness we are not even aware of yet.

Everyone on the planet has access to this inner secret now. During the planet’s out-breath select mystics dedicated their lives to keeping the teachings on the eternal True self alive. It was their service to humanity to keep these teachings alive while we were focused elsewhere.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time we’ve gone through this type of shift. More information is coming to light that shows that humans have lived in more enlightened and less enlightened epochs. The story of humanity is not as straightforward as those timelines in history books show. Higher consciousness has existed on this planet before. As we begin to connect with the internal wisdom of our heart more information about those epochs will be revealed.

We have several platforms for perceiving who we are and what we know about our world and ourselves but these are only accessible through the inner intelligence of the heart. It’s time to open to alternate ways of processing. There is some information that we get through dreaming, some through shamanic journeys, and some through flashes of insight and lucid states achieved in quiet moments in meditation. Remote viewing, emotional intelligence and body intelligence have paved the way for the opening of new and vaster ways of knowing and experiencing life. We are looking towards a future where the full history of humanity and the cosmos will be revealed through alternate avenues of intelligence. It is possible that then we will be able to understand our world with greater depth and understanding. Until then we just don’t have the senses awakened that can access the information we need. Learning to live with the “unknown” may be the best we can do!

How to Live Through Cosmic Transitions

We hope to learn from the records that are now surfacing on both the physical and metaphysical planes how to live through changing times such as these. Without the full knowledge of the universal wisdom traditions available to us through contemplation we are at a loss to grapple with the chaos that transition brings.

Faced with a time span that is beyond human scale and the many “unknowns” this transition brings there is one place we can turn to: the wisdom of the heart. The heart is the site of the eternal where abundance, peace and harmony exist always and forever. The eternal consciousness gives us a place of respite from the constant change presented by this transition. It is possible to cultivate the eternal heart awareness. We can learn to take refuge in the peace and wisdom it offers and then bring that wisdom and peace to our lives as a blessing to those around us. This is a vision that has been held for all humans by all traditions and religions.

Let’s take our cue from Mother Earth and turn to our own hearts which are connected to her heart to learn how to live in the present and experience the greatest possibilities of this unique time. Once we learn how to tune into and connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky and value our relationship with these cosmic beings we will find inner guidance on how to traverse these changing times. It’s time to align our breath with the cosmic breath; to understand our relationship with greater bodies of wisdom and finally to mature into spiritual adults who can embrace the responsibility that comes with the gift of a human heart and body.


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  1. Cathy

    My heart pounds with the truth this brings through my eyes. My body vibrates with light and joy! My deepest spiritual desire is to align deep within Earth Mother/Father sky’s breath, vains of our universal heart,pulsing to align with positive thoughts and right action as I am guided by their loving light,and grounding forces. By not questioning “is this real”, or need affirmation. I know, I am of serviceship when dark forces can no longer scare me, I pray with all that is divine to make change.
    The true meaning of Namaste, together as one light.

  2. Chris

    Beautiful reminder and more besides. Makes me aware of appreciation for winter today as just one aspect of Mother Earth. Good timing, too.


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