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Taking Refuge in Your Body

February 8, 2015

2014 took us on a huge wave of tumultuous change and transformation. 2015 promises more change but also freedom from the big waves, that is, once we claim our inner joy and happiness. The perennial teachings continue to ring true and every once in a while its nice to touch base with eternal wisdom!

The constant message we receive from every tradition is that our happiness is found within. How much more do we need to suffer? How many more waves will we be tossed upon before we finally give it up and seek a more constant inner ground to support our outer life? This is not a religious teaching where we try to find faith in some ideal beyond, it’s taking to heart and discovering the joy that already exists in our spiritual heart and our physical body.

Finding Refuge in Your Body

The place closest to us where we can find refuge and comfort is in our body. Not the parts that might hurt or that contain illness, but the deeper consciousness of the physical body. The body is as beautiful as the cosmos, it follows the same laws of harmony, flow and breath as the sun, stars and planets. We can go within, to that mysterious space between the front and the back of our body to discover our private cave, our inner physical retreat space.

As I was lying in bed with an acute infection from some dental work, I took the opportunity to spend time inside and participate in some healing. I didn’t aim for the infection site; focusing on what is “wrong” or “ill” gives energy to the pain and suffering. Instead, I asked permission to enter into the consciousness of my body; it’s wise, all loving, supportive physical presence!

I’m always delighted when I’m connected with the consciousness of my body. It takes me on beautiful journeys of illumination and deep connection. Inhabiting the physical space within me feels like I’ve come home again. Beneath the initial sensory physical experience is a bubbling joy that exudes throughout the body, just for the fact that we are alive. It’s not purely physical because we take our joy with us when we die, but it is there because we are there! Most of the time I’m not connected in this way and I miss it.

Next, I’ll ask for healing guidance. Since my body is more connected to my True being than my mind is, I’m often led to a living consciousness connected from the earth to the divine, with access to great healing wisdom.

In this case I was given a healing image to work with and patience to continue the unfolding of the infection issues. I was released from having to “get better right away” and was able to rest into the process of a deeper healing that was ongoing. I also recognized that this was not an infection issue it was really a detoxing issue. Changing the context opened up a new path for me.

Then I was shown how my consciousness had gone through a rather significant change of state. That change had induced this situation so that I could realign body, mind and spirit with my new state of consciousness. All of this took place in a loving primal space that felt like being held in the original womb of the universe.

Taking refuge in the body is a way of taking back your power. You find your inner center and ownership of your healing journey. From here you can be open to a full range of therapies and have the discernment to choose which is right for you.



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  1. Carla Kramer

    Thank you! I’ve not thought to ask permission to “enter into the consciousness of my body.” I needed to read these words to realize that I CAN enter into the consciousness of my body. What an exciting adventure it must be. I can’t wait to ask permission and begin the journey. Thank you so much Sarah. What a blessing you have been in my life!
    With love and deep appreciation, Carla

  2. Trish

    This sentence really reverberate through out my whole physical body, Like a singing bowl.
    ” Beneath the initial sensory physical experience is a bubbling joy that exudes throughout the body, just for the fact that we are alive”.
    Such a universal truth that I tend to forget. Thank you for opening a teaching to my “true being”

  3. Nancy

    What a wonderful and timely reminder to “rest into the process of of the deeper healing” that is going on rather than be fearful of any physical disturbances that I am experiencing. Perfectly perfect counsel as I move through each day. Much gratitude, Sarah.


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