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Heart Centered Full Consciousness Living

February 19, 2015

We recently passed out of an age where we believed that parts of our consciousness were cut off from our awareness. An age in which, over time, we learned that with great psychotherapeutic effort we could access those aspects of our self that were in the shadowy area we called the “unconscious”, the “subconscious” or the “intuitive” and understand the motivations and desires that drove our waking minds.

Now that the planetary consciousness is evolving and our consciousness is expanding along with it, we find that awareness of these former “mysterious” states is becoming much easier. The unknown subtle world is revealing itself in many unexpected breakthrough everyday heart centered moments and we are experiencing full consciousness living.

Words like “energy”, “sensing”, “vital” and “feeling it” are becoming common in our everyday language. Touching our hand to our heart, we express nonverbally a sentiment that is widely recognized and respected. We are finally finding ways to express experiences on the subtle level and a willingness to stand up for the important place these experiences hold in our life.

The Little Indications

At the grocery check-out line the other day my bill totaled exactly $52.00. The clerk and I looked at each other and I asked her how many times a day did her register ring up even totals like this one? She said it was rare and that she takes notice when it happens. She went on to express how she relates to numbers all day long. She said it was if they “speak to her” in a way she couldn’t quite explain but that always meant something. When she paid attention she received answers to questions, large and small, through the numbers she rang up on her cash register.

While speaking to a bank representative about my account the conversation turned unexpectedly towards her husband and his struggle with cancer. She settled into her heart and spoke of the deep love they had for each other and her knowing that this experience was going to reveal something important for them both. She “felt it in her bones”.

Animals are making their presence felt more poignantly. The other day my dogs sat in the driveway, next to each other like perfect twin poodle statues, as if called to attention. They sat facing east, towards the end of the street, not moving for over five minutes. I didn’t know what they were looking at until I heard my husband’s car pull in the drive. They were waiting for him to turn the corner in his car. They knew before I did that he was on his way home.

My girlfriend’s dog passed over last week and she was aching in pain from the loss of her dearest friend. As she was driving through farm country a few days later she noticed a horse standing by a fence. It was unusual for her to do this but she got out of her car and walked toward the horse. He did not budge and she could tell it was safe to move in closer. It was if he was calling her to him. When she reached the fence he touched her cheek with his and surrounded her in a love that sent healing into her grieving heart. She knew he was her angel and he knew she needed healing.

I’m sure these types of experiences are happening more often and to more people. More people are realizing the gift of heart centered full consciousness living and are not willing to settle for being confined by someone else’s limited vision and judgment.

Let’s take time to notice the little breakthroughs that are happening moment by moment. The synchronicities, the dreams, the intuitive hits, and whispers from the voice in our heart that says, “do this or don’t do that”. Before you know it you are living a heart centered life with access to your entire consciousness; the heretofore unknown and unseen now becomes the seen and known.

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  1. Vicki

    Hi, Sarah: I totally get what you’re saying. These “breakthroughs” have been coming through for a quite a while. Life seems so different now…I feel so much more “connected.”

    I just have to tell you I’ve been thinking about what you used to tell us about grounding (or meditating?): “Relax, relax, relax.” I’m getting better with that and am learning so much.

    Blessings to you and Ken (and the dogs!)



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