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Preparing for the Equinox…..Spring is Coming!

February 20, 2015

This is the perfect time to test your subtle sensing skills! With mounds of snow and frigid weather all around us Spring energies are starting to peak through! Each season has a unique energy, no matter what the weather is. A season is a result of the earth’s tilt and spin on its axis and we can tune into the upcoming changes in frequencies if we are tuned into Mother Earth!

Normally we look for visual signs of the changing seasons, the little purple crocus springing up; the long days of summer; the changing color of leaves and the first frost that shines from the tips of each blade of grass. These are some of the usual signs of the changing seasons. But what if you tuned into the energy of the season,marked by the equinox and solstice times?

When we are heading into the winter solstice for a full month ahead of the December date we can experience a drawing within. Our soul calls us inward to prepare for the deep process of renewal. We don’t think of the Winter Solstice as the start of a new growth cycle but it is. It’s the time when the earth is starting to incubate the “new” and “fresh”. It’s invisible to the physical eye but not to the heart. This is the time when we take stock of how the past year has realized itself and tune into the upcoming year to generate new plans and goals.

As the Spring Equinox approaches we can sense the surging energies that are ready to thrust us into a very active cycle of manifestation. Why do we want to sense these energies? Because we want these energies supporting our dreams and visions. We want to align with their power and become a great surfer that knows how to gracefully ride the waves of life from beginning to end.

These great moments that mark the shifting tides of our beloved planet’s life teach us how to be in harmony with our own life in a way that makes much more sense and optimizes our efforts. It puts us in the zone!

One of the teachings of these planetary celebrations is that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. Not every beginning is a GREAT HUGE beginning and not every ending is an ultimate final death blow. But if we interpret and sense the energies skillfully they will teach us when to pause and regroup, to initiate and exert effort, and when to call it quits if that is what needs to happen. So many times we are on an exhaustive auto-pilot that has lost all sense of subtlety and beauty in our creations.

It’s a good time, right now, to tune into Mother Earth and Father Sky and sense the excitement rising just below the surface of your being. It’s letting you know that the time to spring into action is coming close. Spend time preparing to launch your visions for 2015. Feel the wave beneath your feet and practice your surfing…..even in the six feet of snow that surrounds us right now!

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