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What is Grounding?

May 16, 2015

You would never live in a house that isn’t grounded, why live in a body that isn’t grounded?

Ungrounded energy, such as electricity in a house is unstable,it has no direction and no clear path to follow. The same applies to us. The practice of grounding helps reconnect us to our purpose, clears up confusion, and provides stability in a whirling swirling world.

We’ve lived an ungrounded life. Slip-sliding around on the surface we miss the key to life’s secret that is right beneath our feet. When we ground and reconnect with Mother Earth we reconnect with our own internal wisdom, power and compassion.

Our Mother is the first teacher and what is she supposed to teach her children? Besides knowing how to survive she is granted the privilege of conveying the teachings of the heart, the teachings of wisdom, power and compassion.

When we walk upon the earth we treat it like an object to be used at our whim. When we ground we discover she is our living breathing mother. How can we treat our mother as an object and still walk in dignity and beauty?

We look outside of ourselves for guidance because we haven’t been taught how to look within. Grounding is a good first step. When our body remembers what it feels like to be “at home” in the heart of Mother Earth a whole new world is revealed. It’s as if we’ve been hobbled, unable to express our lighter and brighter, most beautiful nature because we’ve been tied up in our fears and anxieties. The safety and security we’ve been seeking, the clarity and wisdom we’ve yearned for and the power to unfold and express our True Self becomes possible when we are grounded in Mother Earth.

Once we are settled in her heart she reconnects us to Father Sky and the two together lead us back to our own heart centered fountain of wisdom, power and compassion. From there we can become mature spiritual adults who have the inner resources to live a life of realization and fulfillment.

This is grounding.


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  1. Jan

    Wonderful explanation! I am grateful for your teachings, which continue to grow in my life. Warmest greetings from Jan

  2. Carol Spears

    Hello Sara! Even though I have moved to Florida several years ago, I still so enjoy getting your emails and newsletter. This blog especially touched me. Always a good reminder to ground ourselves, love and respect our Mother Earth. Being in nature has always been my connection to the Divine.
    Peace, Love, and Joy.

    1. Sarah Weiss Post author

      Hi Carol, Great to hear from you! I have always known that your home is in nature, you’ve lived a life dedicated to protecting and preserving our beautiful land!


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