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The Deeper Meaning of Grounding

May 20, 2015

Can you find your center, your inner voice that provides direction and guidance?  Our sanity depends upon our inner intuitive voice, the voice of our heart.  The world spinning around us is forcing us to find our peace within.  It’s a very strange time, one that has taken most by surprise.  We have not been prepared for a world of constant change, tumult and the upsetting of all that is familiar on a daily basis so now we find ourselves with less than adequate adaptive skills.  The generations before us tried to insure a secure world. All of the force and control that was used to make our world safe seems to have run it’s course and we are being called to bring forth an even greater consciousness from within our hearts.

Heart consciousness has not been cultivated in our culture so we’re all pretty confused. Our minds and hearts are in conflict. It’s exhausting and clarity is hard to find. Cultivating heart consciousness if not about ignoring the mind. It is well proven now by the Heart Math Institute that the energy range of the heart is hundreds of times more powerful than the mind. They also have proven that the heart has it’s own intelligence. One day science will discover that each organ has a unique intelligence that if recognized will willingly reveal its healing wisdom. Why wouldn’t we want to engage an intelligence within us that is powerful and wise?   Because the heart is the central and most powerful organ in our body, cultivating heart consciousness will help bring harmony to our entire being, even to the mind.

On the surface “Grounding” is a simple practice.  At first it helps us balance, clear and energize our body, mind and emotions.  It has a wonderful stabilizing effect, increasing confidence and a sense of well being.   Grounding has its roots in many traditions and is a completely natural path to enlightenment.  The grounding that I teach is rooted in my training in the Taoist tradition but I have also been exposed to it in the Andean, Sufi, Vedic, Shamanic, Kabalistic, Christian, and nature based wisdom traditions.

Grounding begins with connecting to Mother Earth but ultimately leads us to the awakening of the deep feminine wisdom that is latent within the first or root chakra.  It has been represented by a coiled serpent lying dormant at the base of the spine ready to awaken and enlighten our being, a cauldron or well of wisdom in the pelvic bowl, or the roots of the Tree of Life.  When we ground and connect with Mother Earth she helps reawaken the feminine wisdom within us and shows us how this wisdom is our birth rite.  Our subtle senses awaken, our intuition is heightened and inner joy pervades our being.  The inner worlds start to reveal themselves to our quieter senses and the yearnings of our heart find fulfillment.

We don’t have to seek for wisdom and enlightenment outside, it is tucked neatly within our body and our consciousness, ready to be recognized and awakened. When practiced for a longer period of time, grounding leads to the type of illumination of the body, mind and heart that reveals the deepest mysterious of the heart.  It is a heart cultivation practice that takes you by surprise because of it’s subtle intimacy and immediate availability.

Even though it doesn’t look like we are evolving, we are.  We are about to enter an age where we will be surprised, even shocked, to find something very clear within us….our True self.  The seeds of this transformation have been germinating for thousands of years and they are finally seeing the light of day.  Grounding is a practice that helps you find your center and the inner voice that will guide you through these transitional and transformative times.

I am providing a audio meditation that introduces you to the practice of grounding.

11 Minute Grounding Meditation

Download the audio file here.



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  1. joann

    I listened a couple times this week and have practiced for the other class, ans also Sr.ann’s Med. class for a month. I don’t know if you want us to tell you our experiences or ask questions. I am always full of questions but I am also feeling so much inside my body. Who know what an exciting adventure lay right inside me! WOW!


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