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New Energy Supporting Healthy Relationships

August 18, 2015

Have you wondered how you ever existed solely on masculine energy?

The feminine energies are just surfacing now and we are able to see what we’ve been missing.  It’s the FEMININE energy that is awakening to support healthy relationships!

We’ve lived relying solely on the the masculine, which has been dominant in our lifetime.  This leaves us with a sense that something is missing, which of course is the complement to the masculine, the feminine.  When the psyche feels like something is missing it will do whatever it can to fill the emptiness. In relationships this means we have to look to others to fill us with what feels missing or lost. This is a huge responsibility to put on another person. In the end it feels like a demand and we become entangled in a web of reciprocal demands that bind us like a legal contract with no loop holes.  No wonder couples are so challenged and the divorce rate is so high. Energetic factors are working on us without our awareness.

In order to be whole and sovereign we need two energies to awaken and support our higher consciousness; the feminine and masculine.  The energy anatomy of the human body has a central column of energy that runs from the tail bone to the brain called the Shushumna in the Vedic terminology.  The chakras are centered along this central column. Along each side of the central column is another energy channel. On one side is the feminine, or Ida and on the other side is the masculine, or Pingala.  They channel the dynamic living energies that when harmonized and balanced generate enlightened consciousness.  Our energy anatomy shows us the path to healthy relationships. The masculine and feminine in harmony within help us establish harmony in our relationships.

With the awakening and surfacing of the feminine energies we are now able to awaken the feminine within ourselves and begin cultivating the new energies that support healthy relationships. Until before this awakening of the feminine we were crippled and relationships were our crutch.  With the cultivation of the feminine to help balance the masculine the emptiness is filled with our true self and our need to fill the gaping hole through another is diminished.  Relationships then have the possibility of growing from healthier ground.

We have not experienced the awakened feminine very deeply yet, at least not in our current time span.  This new consciousness  is just becoming available to everyone on the planet.  It’s actually a planetary awakening that affects the entire consciousness of Mother Earth, all sentient beings, and our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness.  Everything will change with this shift. Nothing will remain the same.  How can it?  If you could only walk with crutches and then suddenly could walk without them, how would your world change?

The more we are connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky in sacred relationship, the more awakened and harmonized the feminine and masculine become, the more we will see the fulfillment of the human potential in ways that we have not been able to imagine yet.  Love may take on an entirely different meaning, a new experience.  Instead of binding and clutching, the new energy of relationships may be based on the shared experience of unity consciousness and the recognition of a joint spiritual journey.  Intimacy may be attained in body, mind and soul through this awakened perspective and the emptiness, loneliness and suffering of our hearts may be healed.







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  1. Jim B.

    To get ahead of things a bit I am also getting a glimpse of this energy as it can manifest through groups. I don’t have words to describe what this will look like but the sense of potential leaves me stunned. We see the power of groups still stuck in the masculine only energy, imagine what this heart and love centered way will look like expressed through groups!

  2. Mary Ann Chambers

    I love the term, right relationship. As I detangle in my relationships, I feel the room that is created for the balancing of the masculine and feminine. I sense that is where true intimacy begins to be nurtured

  3. Jim B.

    This effect has gradually been building in me for a number of years. The changes in relationships have been amazing. At least for those open to it. Love is manifested in new ways. There is a lot of experimenting in right relationship and faithfulness. Fortunately possessiveness can collapse in the face of the kind of trust, love and faithfulness this new energy offers. Spreading it is a lot of fun, if risky.


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