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Taking A Look at the Third Eye!

August 27, 2015

The word most associated with the third eye is INSIGHT. It’s the type of penetrating insight that pierces the veil that separates physical and metaphysical reality.

It’s such a remarkably freeing feeling to expand beyond the limitations of 3D reality and finally experience your full intuitive capacity. We understandably want more of these types of experiences!

At First We Have No Control

Often happening spontaneously, this exciting glimpse of the greater reality arrives suddenly with no warning or preparation. ESP experiences, vivid dreams, intuitive AHA’s, near death experiences, deep healing, or profound waking visions give you a hint of the subtle realms that form the matrix for our reality. Once you’ve been graced with a few of these breakthrough experiences you want more and seek out every avenue for opening this faculty of inner sight.

I know because I’m one of those “insight junkies” who can’t get enough of expanded reality! Fortunately it was in the cards for me this lifetime to experience frequent spontaneous journeys into the subtle realms from birth. I couldn’t wait to go to bed and be taken off by the star beings into realms that felt more like home than earth. Each night I would lie in bed softly waiting, knowing they would arrive just as I was drifting to sleep. Then a swirl of either gold or royal blue light would open a tunnel of swirling stars and lead me on that night’s journey home.

As I got older the journeys became less frequent and I missed them terribly. I felt trapped in the lifeless dimension of earth reality. A quiet panic grew inside me. Fear of being stuck in a sphere so narrow and limited, clouded by confusion, and dominated by self-centered concerns eventually drove me to find a teacher who could teach me how to nurture my inner sight.

At first this resulted in a lot of headaches. I was impatient. I thought that my willing myself mentally to “open my third eye” would grant me access. I was totally wrong and my teacher often lost patience with my bull headed approach.

Subtle Realms Require a Subtle Approach

The subtle realms require a subtle approach. Opening to insight does not happen solely from the third eye. It happens through cultivation of all of the subtle energy centers, not just the third eye. Subtle perception opens when we achieve a delicate harmony of mind, body and spirit. When we purify our energy channels we can see clearly beyond the clouds of doubt and fear. The light of understanding naturally awakens when the illuminated heart informs your third eye and instills it with a foundation of LOVE. The illuminated heart clears the field of perception and awakens the third eye in service of the heart.

Of course there are instances where a very strong willed person develops psychic capabilities through persistent willful practice, but that is often the realm of black magic and includes manipulating energy for personal control and self-benefit. When the inner sight is awakened through careful and beautiful cleansing of all of the energy centers personal desire diminishes and open-hearted generosity increases.

This cultivation takes patience and most importantly the ability to relax in the face of intense desire. We need intense desire to awaken; passion for the beyond calls to us and we follow. Passion generates escape velocity. But that passion needs to be shaped and channeled by patience and wisdom. And it would be an understatement to say our culture does not reward patience!

Desire Creates Headaches!

This desire “to see” can be so strong that we bypass the time honored stages of entering into a meditative state where this intuitive ability naturally awakens. We become so focused on getting psychic information from the third eye that we become “attached” to the desire “to see” in a way that impedes the actual ability “to see”! The desire erects a wall of mental pressure that shuts us out of the intuitive realm and even creates a “third eye headache”.  It took me years to learn to channel my “enthusiastic” and “impatient nature!  Third eye headaches are something I really know a lot about!

Let’s back up a little bit here. The third eye is one of the seven major chakras or energy centers defined in classical Vedic meditative texts. These energy centers are not located in the body. They do have nerve plexi and endocrine glands that are connected through subtle channels to these chakras. The chakras are not physical, they are subtle. We forget that they are not physical. For simplicity sake we have used correlations in the body to give us a reference point for where the subtle centers are located. But subtle energy centers are not physical nor can they be seen or known by physical sense organs. The subtle sense organs need to be awakened to perceive the subtle realms.

We forget this and when we enter into meditation we put pressure on our forehead (where the third eye is associated with the pineal gland located behind the bridge of the nose and deep inside the brain) and we try to wake up the third eye with our intent. We end up pressing with our mind into the spot where we think the third eye is and try to open it like you open a lid on a jar.  Our cranial bones get jammed from the mental pressing just when they need to be floating freely to accommodate the higher and more powerful frequencies. That’s not how the third eye comes on line.

Through deep relaxation, concentrated awareness, and contemplative ease the entire subtle energy system comes into harmony, your multi-dimensional matrix comes alive and the third eye naturally becomes aware.

For example, if I ask you to put your attention on your nose you can do that with your mind. If I ask you to place your attention on your third eye you can’t do that with your mind. You can locate the pineal gland or the center of your forehead with your mind, but not the actual energy center without accessing your subtle energy senses.

Antennae and Light Beams

Traditionally the third eye is associated with inner wisdom and light. This subtle center has the ability to send out a beam into many dimensions and receive information that is not accessible by the mind alone. Remote viewing is a function of the third eye and so is medical intuition; some forms of healing and certain types of spiritual realization also involve third eye capabilities. The third eye is necessary for seeing into realms beyond the physical light spectrum in order to penetrate the mysteries of sublime spiritual teachings.

It is also a receptive center receiving light and information like a dish antenna and helps us intuit the unseen and unspoken frequency interactions around us. Its highest purpose is not for playing psychic games, astral travel, or ESP; its highest purpose is to enlighten us in the most profound ways possible.

Have Confidence in Yourself and Then Practice

Every human has the ability to access their intuitive insight; it came pre-loaded with our birth body. You weren’t given the manual at birth so actual training really helps!

We need confidence in our ability to enter a deeper state and patience to take the road of depth and truth instead of taking shortcuts. We gain confidence by participating in the time honored tradition of repeated practice. If you are yearning to pierce the veil and enter into the unlimited multi-dimensional realms that are accessible through the third eye, then it’s time to prove to yourself you can do it!


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  1. janet kolesnikow

    20-30 years ago I read a book written by someone able to see inner body organs & diagnose diseases. I think that book had many pictures & diagrams of what the author saw. Do you have any information about this? (I have lost the information.)? Also any related info.


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